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Diabetes diagnosis leads to life changes for teenager

FARR WEST – During a trip to Hawaii this past Spring, Amber Wykstra noticed her 15 year-old son, Cooper, was drinking a lot of water. “I mean a lot,” she said. He was also using the bathroom more than usual and, even though he was exercising, Wykstra said she had noticed her son was losing weight a bit faster than normal. Wykstra's husband was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 12, so she started seeing red flags. “When we arrived home from our red-eye flight, my husband did a blood test and found that his (Cooper's) sugar was critically high,” she said. “We ...

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Letter: More help needed for vulnerable patients

I would like to know why doctors do not really care enough about their patients. The mentally and physically ill, poor and homeless get left by the wayside. I guess it all comes down to money or what kind of expensive health insurance you have. The doctors do not listen. A 15 minute ...