'Comcast call from hell' goes viral

Wednesday , July 16, 2014 - 6:46 PM

By CIMARON NEUGEBAUER Standard-Examiner staff

Ryan Block of San Francisco did something many only dream of doing.

He recorded a customer service phone call with his cable provider asking to cancel — then he posted it to the internet and sat back and watched people react.

In what is being called the “Comcast Call From Hell” you likely won’t be able to think of Block as co-founder and former editor of Engadget, a company acquired by AOL in 2013. You will likely think of him as the man who endured the most excruciating torture of being asked repeatedly exactly “why do you want to cancel your service?“

Block and his wife and internet and TV personality, Veronica Belmont did what most people think of but never actually do. Since he posted the audio it has blossomed into a viral frenzy of outrage about his poor customer care situation.

It’s apparent Block wasn't sure what response he would get, but international attention for something most people do on a regular basis wasn't what he had in mind.

He posted to his Twitter Wednesday evening, ”Blown away that a Comcast call has become an international news event. You know, there's still some real news happening in the world...”

Comcast publicly apologized on Twitter to Block. Block made it known he did not want the employee fired, but instead wanted the company to review its practices and culture.

Listen to the full call to decide what you think. Was this salesman just trying to save a sale or being the biggest pain on the coast of California?   

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