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Saturday , May 06, 2017 - 10:00 PM

Reader Submitted

I was born in Brigham City, Utah, in May 1937, a vintage year. In my youth, we lived in several states getting to know many good people - Utah, Idaho, California, Oregon, Colorado.

Later, we lived in Willard, Utah, where my teenage years were spent growing up.

My schooling included: Redwood City California, Cheshire, Oregon, Sanford, Colorado, Willard Central, Box Elder High School, and topped off by attending Weber College.

I met Karen Lou Jorgensen on a blind date. I went back too many times and she finally nabbed me. We were married in June 1960, in the Salt Lake temple. By way of this union, we increased the population by adding four children, two boys and two girls.

After enduring an illness of several years, Karen passed away in 2007.

In my youth, I worked for several farmers in the Willard area, irrigating, cultivating, cutting and hauling hay, milking cows, and just about anything that needed doing on the farm.

In my adult years I worked at Cream O' Weber dairy in Ogden Utah. I retired after 35 years of service.

My religious career includes two and a half years on a mission for the LDS church in the Spanish American Mission, Ward Executive Secretary several times with different bishops, a term as assistant Stake Clerk, and Ward Clerk.

In scouting, I earned the rank of Eagle Scout, served as Cubmaster, and have been a merit badge councilor.

If I had my life to live over, would I change anything? JUMPING CATFISH YES!!! I would not be so timid and shy. I would be more mischievous and have more fun!! My biggest regrets in life are the things I did NOT do that I could have done.

During my life, there have been many things happen. Television was invented, the Great Depression, World War II was fought, jet engines were developed breaking the sound barrier, space exploration, going to the moon, atomic power, a flood of electronic gadgets, the blasted computer, communication marvels, medical advances by the gobs, I get tired just thinking of all the things that this life has seen.

In fine I would say, "Do something good every day - Be happy in your private hours - Look forward to a life well lived - And smile, people will wonder what you are up to."

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