Happy 80th Birthday!: Frank and Myrna Tremea

Saturday , December 02, 2017 - 5:00 PM


Reader Submitted

Mom and Dad both enjoyed their 80th birthdays this year and celebrated it with their family of all people.

Mom and Dad were married on August 10, 1961, and have resided in Clinton for most of the past 56 years. They met at Walquist Junior High; both went to Weber High School and then attended Utah State University. After graduation, they both became educators in the Weber School District.

After their children were born, Mom returned to teaching at Fremont Elementary in Sunset City where she retired in 1998. Her youngest son, Chris, and two grandchildren, Jennifer and Addam, were lucky enough to have her as their teacher, along with numerous other children who lived in Sunset and Clinton. Mom loved to crochet and was highly talented. There was not a family reunion or ward party that she did not give her work to others. There are many homes that have Mom's crochet work in them. She helped many of the ward ladies make hundreds of quilts for newlyweds in the Clinton 4th Ward. Now as Mom can no longer crochet, she has turned to reading and has read so many books that there is a library in their home.

Dad enjoyed his 30 plus years at Roy Junior High School and 40 years at Roy Recreation. There was no better recreation program around than the one that Dad built with his dear friends and co-workers. Each and every one of them are and always will be in his heart. Dad's famous comment at every sporting event he went to was, "Life would be perfect if the kids would come to play and the parents would stay at home." He enjoyed his service to the citizens of Roy and Weber County. They honored him by naming Roy Park and Roy Junior Highs gymnasium after him. From 1960 to 1998, almost every Roy teenager felt of the accepting influence of "Mr. Tremea", either as a teacher, principal, or through the recreation program.

Countless missionaries received Mom and Dad's support and the Clinton 4th Ward members, especially the youth, had a friend when Dad served in the many church organizations including as bishop. The Clinton 4th Ward is and always has been Mom and Dad's home since Dad's conversion in 1973. Even before he was a member of the church, the ward used the construction of a church house as a missionary tool. Dad may not have been a laborer but was highly involved in the project, and as the workers were going forth, they had a never-ending supply of Frank's hot cocoa or lemonade. The sealing room was filled to overflowing as we were sealed as an eternal family in the Ogden Temple on March 1, 1974. The Clinton 4th Ward helped raise all of the Tremea kids and Mom and Dad are so grateful for all of the tender mercies shown by all of you.

Mom and Dad thought of family first and foremost, with every member being the most important. Mom and Dad's legacy continues to grow. Their children are: Terry and Wendy, Scott and Tanya, Maria, Chris and Michelle. They have 16 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, whom they love and adore more than their own children.

Happy Birthday!!