Happy 90th Birthday!: Patsy R. Moffett

Saturday , January 20, 2018 - 10:00 PM

Reader Submitted

Patsy R. Moffett turns 90! Born January 28, 1928, to Ernest V. and Hazel Dinsdale.

She has eight children, one son deceased, 26 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren and five great-great-grandchildren.

Mom, from all of your family, relatives and friends, we wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We thank you for making life so much fun through the years for all of us. You have planned and carried out many elaborate parties, fun games, tons of great food and even a dunking machine. Memories never to be forgotten.

So much hard work and ambition that even continues in your everyday life. Sewing, laying cement, putting shingles on the roof, planting and cultivating beautiful vegetable and flower gardens is but to name a few of your 90 year accomplishments.

We honor your legacy and example of strength and courage. We love and appreciate you.

Have a great day!

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