Brewskis loses underage drinking violation case

Thursday , May 15, 2014 - 9:18 PM

OGDEN - Local bar Brewskis will have to pay a fine and temporarily relinquish its liquor license after losing its appeal to the state’s accusation that it served alcohol to a minor.

The Utah Court of Appeals on Thursday ruled that the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control was right in citing City Club Inc., owner of Brewskis, 244 Historic 25th St., for violating Utah liquor laws.

In March 2010, a Utah State Highway patrolman pulled over a vehicle and found that the driver and passenger were intoxicated and that one of them was 19 years old. The girls admitted to getting drinks at Brewskis, which is owned by the nearby City Club. They told the officer that they “just walked right in” without having their ID’s checked and were able to order Long Island ice teas.

The incident was reported to the DABC which in turn decided to proceed with disciplinary action on Brewskis. Its liquor license was to be suspended for 10 days and the owners were required to pay a $4,542 fine.

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Brewskis appealed the violation, arguing that there was not sufficient evidence to determine what the officer and the two girls claim really happened. The bar also argues that it was not given sufficient notice of the allegations and therefore was not able to save security footage and data from ID scanners.

In the decision written by Judge Michele Christiansen, the Appeals Court ruled in favor of the DABC because City Club Inc. did not offer any competing evidence to back up its claims. 

City Club owner Heidi Harwood declined comment on the ruling, pending further discussion with the business’ lawyer. 

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