Esurance opening promises 500 Ogden jobs

Tuesday , June 17, 2014 - 5:27 PM

OGDEN — Esurance Insurance Services Inc. opened a new building Tuesday at the Boyer Business Depot Ogden and now that the company has a new home, it plans to fill it with more than 500 new employees.

The building is located at 1010 South Depot Drive, near the southern end of the BDO. Esurance will share the building with its sister company Answer Financial, which plans to bring an additional 150 jobs of its own to the facility. Esurance has already hired 63 employees to work out of the Ogden office.

"We’re growing pretty rapidly so we need to fill these positions,“ said Esurance Chief Executive Officer Gary Tolman. ”Eventually, this office will be our largest in the country.“

Ogden City Business Recruitment and Relationship Manager Steve Fishburn said the new facility, which was built by Big-D Construction, was constructed to be easily expanded if Esurance ever needs more room.

The opening of the 68,000-square-foot facility represents more than seven months of planning and work.  

In October, Ogden City, the Governor's Office of Economic Development and the Economic Development Corporation of Utah finalized an agreement with Esurance for the company to open up shop at the BDO.

The GOED Board of Directors approved $5.8 million in post-performance tax credits that the company can earn, or 25 percent of the net taxes paid by the company over the lifetime of a 20-year incentive period.

Over the 20-year life of the agreement with the state, the company will pay out $610 million in new state wages. All of the incentivized jobs will pay at least 125 percent of Weber County's average annual wage, including benefits.

During that same period Esurance will pay $23 million in new state taxes and will invest $15 million in capital expansion at the Utah-based office.

"These public-private partnerships are critical, because the government doesn’t always have all the answers,“ said Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox, who toured the building Tuesday. 

Ogden Mayor Mike Caldwell said the new jobs will push the BDO’s total employment numbers past 6,000.

"We couldn’t be more proud of our relationship with the BDO,” Caldwell said.

Esurance and Answer were both founded in the late 1990s, but were purchased by Allstate in 2011.

Esurance spokesman Danny Miller said most of the jobs at the Ogden facility will be of the call-center nature, but management and other high-level positions will also be advertised.

Answer CEO Rob Slingerland said the majority of his company’s 150 jobs will be sales jobs. 

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