Syracuse considers impact fee increases

Wednesday , August 13, 2014 - 9:21 AM

Standard-Examiner correspondent

SYRACUSE – The Syracuse City Council has tabled action on potential increases to its public safety impact fee until Sept. 9, pending further review.

The current public safety impact fees are $225 per new residential home and 4.5 cents per square foot of a new commercial building.

The proposed fees are a gross charge of $563 per new home and 11 cents per square foot for new commercial.

“I’m concerned about the commercial impact,” Councilman Brian Duncan said at Tuesday’s council meeting, explaining he’d still look to study the proposed 11-cent fee and see how it compares with other cities.

Duncan and Councilwoman Karianne Lisonbee are particularly worried that such a high fee might discourage some new businesses from coming into town.

“Our impact fees are a huge issue,” Lisonbee said in the council’s work meeting.

“This is the maximum fee we can charge by (state) law,” Steve Marshall, Syracuse finance director, told the council.

Mayor Terry Palmer agreed there is still a lot to talk about on this impact fee and its effect, especially since the city is currently courting Costco to build within the city limits.

Marshall said Syracuse is evaluating and updating all its impact fees. The state requires cities to evaluate their impact fees every six years.

Once a new impact fee is approved, it goes into effect 90 days later. A public hearing on the proposed fees will also continue Sept. 9.

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