Layton city councilman pleads guilty to DUI charge, will not step down

Monday , March 05, 2018 - 6:19 PM4 comments

FARMINGTON — A Layton city councilman charged with driving under the influence has pleaded guilty and has been sentenced.

Online court records show Scott Freitag, 48, pleaded guilty to one count of DUI, a Class B misdemeanor. In return, two other charges — carrying a dangerous weapon while under the influence of alcohol, a Class B misdemeanor, and drinking alcohol in a vehicle, a Class C misdemeanor — were dropped. 

The two charges were dismissed with prejudice, meaning the charges are permanently dropped.

Court records show Freitag appeared Monday at the Davis County Justice Court in front of Judge J.C. Ynchausti.

The city councilman was ordered to serve three days in jail and complete 72 hours of community service. Freitag is also ordered to pay a fine and will serve 12 months of supervised probation. 

Freitag was arrested Wednesday, Jan. 3, after a Centerville Police sergeant on his way to work noticed a car driving in an “erratic manner,” according to a Centerville Police press release.

When the sergeant pulled the vehicle over at a rest stop on Interstate 15 in Kaysville, he had Freitag do a field sobriety test. Freitag failed the sobriety test and was arrested, the release says. Police found an open alcohol container in the vehicle and a handgun in the center console, the release says.

Layton city council member arrested on DUI charge; fired from SLC911 job

Freitag voluntarily did a breath test, police said, which said he had a blood-alcohol level of .214, which is almost three times the legal limit. 

Freitag was given a misdemeanor citation and was released to his family, according to Centerville Police Assistant Chief Von Steenblik. Freitag did not have access to his vehicle when he was released, Steenblik said in January. 

The day after Freitag was arrested, Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski said in a press release that Freitag was fired from his position as director of Salt Lake City 911. 

Freitag said in an email Monday that he is planning on completing his term as city councilman. Freitag added that city council members, the mayor and other city administrators have offered their support and have encouraged him to retain his council seat. 

“I made a very bad choice in January and have ... taken every effort to prevent that from ever happening again,” Freitag said in an email. “I am very sorry for the mistake I have made and for all of those that I have let down. I plead guilty today because I believe in taking full responsibility for my actions.”

Layton Mayor Bob Stevenson said Monday he has no plans to call for Freitag to resign.

“He’s a class guy who made a mistake and is working to correct his actions,” Stevenson said. 

Freitag has been a member of the Layton City Council since 2007, and his term will end in 2019, according to the city website.

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