Sunset Residents can now opt out of recycling

Monday , June 30, 2014 - 12:00 AM

Standard-Examiner correspondent

SUNSET -- Sunset residents are now allowed to opt out of recycling, said Linda Youngdell, city treasurer and office manager.

When Sunset first started the recycling program, the citizens were allowed to opt out at the very beginning or they had to try it for a year. That year is now up, and they can opt out whenever they would like to, Youngdell said.

If they would like to opt out of recycling and/or green waste recycling, all they have to do is call the city offices, said Youngdell.

Residents have the option to stay with all three garbage cans, opt out of one or both the green waste and recycling, Youngdell said.

Most of the residents have stayed with the program, however, said Youngdell.

It helps large families with getting rid of their garbage. It is actually cheaper than having two standard garbage cans, and they actually get three instead of two.

The rates are changing in July, however. The old rates were $14.90 for the first garbage can and $8.00 for a second standard garbage can. The new rates as of July 1 are $13.15 for the first garbage can, and $11.50 for a second standard garbage can.

If the resident would rather recycle and use green waste recycling, they save money, because the price to add a blue recycling can is $4.35 per month and the green waste can is $6.65. Together, the green waste and recycling cans are $11 per month.

So it’s cheaper to have the two extra cans and do recycling and green waste, than to just have one extra standard can, and they get more for their money.

The green waste receptacle can have branches, lawn clippings, weeds and other green waste. It will be used as a standard can during the winter months of December through March.

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