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Sunday , June 10, 2018 - 12:00 AM1 comment

This past week, we reported on a Park City teacher being put on paid leave after she instructed her students to read the lyrics of an Eminem song that slams President Donald Trump.

Students and parents complained, and the teacher from Treasure Mountain Junior High School was disciplined.

A school spokesperson said the teacher was trying to teach her students about biases in society when she had them read the lyrics of “Like Home” by Eminem during class two weeks ago.

The spokesperson said the lyrics and political message in the song weren’t appropriate.

Here is feedback from you, our readers, on the story we posted on our Facebook page. All comments are copied verbatim.

Jay Rogers: They can keep politics out of the classroom when they stop building religious buildings on school property.

Lance Bodily: (in reply) Those buildings are not on school property the lds church buys the land so let’s actually know facts before you spew hate

Suzanne Perry Waltrip: (in reply) When they purchase land for high schools here they always purchase just enough for a seminary building. And then sell it to the church, usually for less than they paid.

Jay Rogers: (in reply) Spewing hate? A little sensitive about this lds church building at every school subject? Fact....Every junior and high school has an lds building built next to it. Doesn’t matter who bought the land it is still part of the school. Forced religion is OK but politics is not? Taxpayers don’t get to choose if that religious building adjacent to the school is built, it just magically appears.

Jay Rogers: (in reply) I’m not LDS, and was somehow convinced that I should take a seminary class. You have a very selective view on forced religion if you don’t think that is part of growing up in Utah. “Lame comments “spewing hate”. A couple fine examples of when someone challenges anything LDS.

Jay Rogers: (in reply) You are LDS and no one tried to convince you to go to seminary.........Makes sense. You’re already on the team, no need to recruit you.

Lance Bodily: (in reply) Jay Rogers I call it as I see it. Pure bigotry followed up by no facts just pure hatred. Just be honest with yourself.

Teresa Milius Bassett: (in reply) Jay Rogers exactly. Growing up in Utah. Not anywhere else. Sounds like you have a Utah culture thing in your life moreso than a religious thing. Seminary has and always will be optional. Never forced unless a parent does it. You’re right about one thing. Religion and personal politics do not belong in the regular education system. Seminary is a time release like work release. No credits given either for graduation.

Bill Ward: Suddenly I like Eminem. And a certain Park City teacher.

Scott Gwynn: Well, yeah. Hate-fueled bigots do like to be together.

Bill Ward: No disagreement here. Hate (and apathy) put him in the White House.

Russell Coons: You mean a criminal vs Trump put Trump in the white house?

Russell Coons: Why are we even having this debate? Unless you like having that type of a person in the white house.

Scott Gwynn: Bill Ward - Interesting that you agree you are a hate-fueled bigot. I admire your honesty.

Bill Ward: Interesting that you believe that is what I was referring to, Scott.

Christopher Duysings: can't use your job as a soap box for personal beliefs or agendas....definitely fire the teacher, do not care what president was slammed it is unprofessional.

Niklaus Draven: Unless it's a wedding cake shop.

Ryan Gross: The teacher was using the song to talk about bias. When did she share her personal opinion or agenda?

Erica Auriaune Croft: As long as it was an actual exploration of content and an open discussion I see no issue. An excuse for the teacher to instill beliefs on the other hand would not be. Seems okay on my end. My AP lit class analyzed a lot of modern political pop/rap music.

Justin T. Burgess: Lol needs to be fired? Please.... Now who is the snowflake.

Scott Gwynn: Hmmm, wonder what your reaction would be if your kids were being taught that Hillary belongs in jail. Politics have no business in the classroom. The choice is made by the individual, not forced upon them.

Megan Cower: Scott Gwynn I am good with my kids being taught both sides of every issue. American Government has always been taught in school, so just with the current administration it is suddenly off limits?

Kip Heath: How was this teaching politics?

Megan Cower: How isn't it politics? It paints a picture on how one side of the fence sees (itself) being represented. The current administration uses social media as a main form of expression so how is using song lyrics really any different?

Craig Forney: In case anyone decides not to read the article. 'The principal reportedly told the parent that it was part of the teacher’s poetry unit, during a lesson on bias. The teacher was planning to have the class read another poem to contrast the Eminem lyrics.'

Mitch Gunnell: Hopefully this person is never allowed to work with kids again.

Roberta Gwynn: Maybe her message was against the message portrayed in the song. We don't know because the article does not explain.

JeneannJacobson Wilson: Good we don't need her teaching politics to our kids.

Jean N Dennis Homanick: But then how would be able to skip your class

Craig Forney: A little research may be a good idea before you break out the torches and pitchforks. 'The principal reportedly told the parent that it was part of the teacher’s poetry unit, during a lesson on bias. The teacher was planning to have the class read another poem to contrast the Eminem lyrics.

Linda Hope: You know they will never read this. It goes against their fake outrage.

Eric Arnold: Definitely needs to be fired

Jim Wempe: Needs to be fired.

Jaime Standback: Honest lyrics

Terry Carlsen: sad

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