Roskelley has earned her vote

Thursday , June 14, 2018 - 12:00 AM

As a member of Utah House District 7, I have been more than frustrated with not feeling represented. At our Caucus, which I think is currently a flawed system, to the "Special Election" to replace our House Representative who is leaving the State, I felt my voice was not heard.

But now, with the upcoming Primary Election on June 26, I will have a chance to make a difference by casting my ballot.

I have done a lot of research and I feel the candidate for this seat who truly cares the most about our district and what I have to say is Lisa Roskelley. She has nearly six years working in Gov. Huntsman's office as a spokesperson. She understands our State government and what steps are needed to pass legislation that is fair and will benefit the most people. She is a Republican who takes the high ground, even when others have tried to publicly humiliate her. She wants to hear what I have to say and is quick to respond to any questions I have had about her views on a variety of topics, from Healthcare and taxes to Education, which is especially important to me as an educator.

I would encourage everyone in our district to contact her and see just how open she is to talking about the issues. Lisa Roskelley is a candidate who truly represents me.

Julie Grose

North Ogden

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