Ogden School District looking at advisory council, survey for November bond

Monday , May 07, 2018 - 5:15 AM8 comments

OGDEN — The Ogden School District plans to create an advisory council that will help the district and the school board draft a bond proposal for the November election.

Jer Bates, Ogden School District spokesman, said the committee will be made up mostly of parents who are active in the schools’ community councils and will be handpicked by the superintendent and district officials.

“We are specifically trying to target people that are already active in our communities,” Bates said.

The idea of the advisory council, Bates said, is to bring together members of the community and create a “balance of opinions.” This group is expected to advise the board of education and the school district throughout the process of the creation of a new bond proposal that aims to fix structural, electric and seismic issues at some of the elementary schools in the district.

District officials, however, are not considering putting out a public call for an application at the moment.

“It’s more handpicked,” Bates said. “There’s nothing about it intended to be secret about.”

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He said the school district received recommendations from school administrators as to who should be on the advisory council. Most of the parents, Bates said, are part of the schools’ community councils.

According to the school district’s website, parents who serve in the community council “have the opportunity to collaborate with other parents, teachers and the principal to set and achieve school goals … Parents … are often the driving force in how School LAND Trust funds are spent.”

It is unclear how big the advisory council will be. Bates said Rich Nye, Ogden School District superintendent, is likely to select the council members this month, but a specific date was not provided.

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“We want to include people, but we do have to be somewhat careful that we don’t end with a group so large that makes it so hard to arrive to any specific decision,” Bates said.

The school district will also have a survey where members of the community can express which schools should be rebuilt. The school district is waiting for feedback from the school board before making the survey public.

Bates said the school district wants to hear from members of the community, even from those not involved with the advisory council.

“If you are an individual who cares about this and wants to be involved and share your perspective, there’s nothing stopping you,” Bates said. “We are seeking those thoughts and this feedback.”

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