Music on the Island to feature Hollering Pines

Friday , August 08, 2014 - 1:44 PM

Standard-Examiner staff

The public is invited to enjoy the scenery and a few laid back evenings of local music on Antelope Island State Park during the summer season.

The Music on the Island concert series put on by the state park is in its third year, and if funding continues, Wendy Wilson, assistant park manager, said the concerts will continue annually.

“I think it’s just an opportunity to just sit and relax in a beautiful setting with just some fun music,” said Wilson, who has attended the series all three years. “I think it’s a cool location, and the atmosphere is really enjoyable.”

Aug. 9 marks the third installment of the six-part series this season, with Americana-country band The Hollering Pines offering its musical talents. The band played the concert series last year; Wilson said many of the bands enjoy coming back to play the series.

“It seems like most of those (bands) who have come in the past enjoy coming back because it’s such a nice setting for them,” she said. “It just depends on the funding if we can do it again next year, but they are definitely a band that we’d like to invite back.”

Three bands will carry out the series into mid-September. Wilson said the music crowds can expect is all easy going, ranging from folk to classic rock. Highway Six Band, a country, classic rock band is set to perform Aug. 23. The Crooked Boys, a cover band based out of Layton, is playing Sept. 6. Caleb Grey, the musician to round off this season, plays on Sept. 20.

Dan Buehner, drummer and vocalist for The Hollering Pines, said playing on Antelope Island during the sunset is a fun, yet laid back experience.

“You’re just playing as the sun’s going down, just playing outside. It’s pretty cool,” Buehner said. “The crowd can just expect a really low key night out there. They can bring their families out there, we’ll play for an hour as the sun’s going down.”

The Hollering Pines has had an active summer, playing everything from the Ogden Music Festival and the Utah Arts Festival earlier this summer to The State Room and venues in Park City.

Because of the band’s busy schedule, Buehner said members haven’t had much time to sit down and work on new tunes, but there will be a few new songs at the Antelope Island show.

“We have some new stuff that we have been playing, we have like four or five new ones that we’ve been trying to get perfected so we can record another album in the near future, I don’t know when we’re going to exactly,” he said. “It has been really busy this summer.”

The current album out by the band, “Long Nights, Short Lives and Spilled Chances,” walks the line between neon-bright roadhouse country, with a touch of waltzy and honey-sweet Americana thanks to dual female vocals by sisters Marie Bradshaw and Kiki Jane Buehner.

Buehner, who is married to Kiki Buehner, said the band is like a big family. Even Dylan Schorer, the electric and lap steel guitar player, is like a brother to him. He said being in a band with his wife is a crazy and amazing experience not everyone gets to share.

“It’s fun, I mean, it’s kind of nice because we are so busy and we play so many shows, and where the other members are away from their husbands and wives, we are always there together so it’s pretty cool,” the drummer said of wife, who plays the bass and sings for the band. “It’s amazing making music together and singing together, it’s, I don’t know, it’s just a good time.”

The Hollering Pines is also playing in Salt Lake City earlier that day, at the Craft Lake City event at the Gallivan Center at 1 p.m. Another band with members from the Pines, The Souvenirs, is also playing at Craft Lake City that afternoon. The Souvenirs recently traveled to Nashville to record an album, and Buehner said that work is set to be released Aug. 30.

With being in several musical projects with his wife and his friends, Buehner said music is something he’s always wanted to do for a living.

“But for me personally, I think I’ll always do it,” he said. “It’s just part of me now, it just lives inside of me.”

The concert will begin at 8 p.m., right before sunset. The concerts are free, but admission to the state park, a $10 car fee, applies.


  • WHAT: The Hollering Pines; Music on the Island concert series.
  • WHEN: 8 p.m. Aug. 9
  • WHERE: Antelope Island State Park, 4528 W. 1700 South. Syracuse
  • TICKETS: Free, but State Park entry fee of $10 per vehicle applies. 801-230-6155

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