Tour crazy band comes to Snowbasin

Monday , August 11, 2014 - 1:58 PM

Standard-Examiner staff

Kyle Henderson, vocalist and rhythm guitar player for Desert Noises, said he wouldn't change a thing about his current lifestyle, lived mostly from the front seat of his van.

In fact, he can’t imagine himself doing anything different with this life.

“We love it. That’s about it.”

Back home for just a brief time before heading out on the road again, the hardworking Orem-based band recently played at Red Butte Gardens with folk rock singer-songwriter Amos Lee.

The band embarks on tour again, hitting music festival Lollapalooza, as well as dates in the Midwest before coming back home to Snowbasin for a free concert on Aug. 17.

Tour crazy

Desert Noises, a four-piece rock outfit, has a sound with obvious influences of Americana and psychedelic, even the blues. The lineup includes the talent of other twenty-somethings, Tyler Osmond on bass guitar and backup vocals, Patrick Boyer on lead guitar, and Brennan Allen on the drums.

Together since 2009, band members traded their cozy homes in Happy Valley for the open road almost instantly. Not surprisingly, the band is hardly ever in Utah, as their musical journey has taken them around the country and back many times.

“It’s a hectic, hectic thing when we’re home,” Henderson said, eating breakfast and calling from his parents home in Utah County. “We try to take a break from being busy, but you also want to see your friends and hang out, do normal things.”

For a band that’s seen the entire country, north to south, east to west, doing “normal things,” like seeing family and catching up with friends might seem boring. Henderson said he can’t wait for the chance to do it more.

“There’s a lot of things that you need to do when you’re home,” he said. “It’s beautiful, it’s really wonderful to be home, but we’ll get our chance in the winter to do all that.”

After a few fall dates taking the band all the way from Ohio to the Pacific Northwest and Nashville, Desert Noises is planning on working on new material and relaxing back home in Utah County.

Latest album

Two albums, an EP and single release later, Henderson said he didn't anticipate the success of Desert Noises’ latest effort, “27 Ways,” when it came out early this year. Actually, no one in the band foresaw the journey any of their previous work would take them on.

“I never really thought that we would be playing music for our careers, I never really thought that would be the case, but it just kind of ended up being that way,” said the long-haired crooner.

Like the rest of the band, Henderson stays grounded by keeping it simple. He assures the magic feeling that he felt when the band first started is still there.

“I think just taking it day by day not trying to look too far into the future, or too far into the past, just like, being in the moment,” he said.

The newest record was produced at a pecan plantation in El Paso, Texas. Henderson described the experience of recording “27 Ways” at Sonic Ranch Studios like a dream.

“It was just really amazing,” he said, searching for words. “I don’t know how to explain how beautiful and magical it was, it was like a dream.”

Meaningful music

Endless mountain ranges, dusty sagebrush and highway signs are images that come to mind when listening to the vagabond in band form that is Desert Noises. Henderson said it’s common for fans to listen to the band while on road trips. But he said imagery of the dusty Utah landscape wasn't intentionally put in the songs.

“I think that’s just a thing that comes out, that’s common for a lot of people. A lot of people listen to us when they’re driving, or they feel its best on road trips, which is really cool.”

While on their own endless road trip, the perpetual tour has taken Desert Noises to festivals across the country like Bonnaroo, LouFest, Austin City Limits, SXSW and most recently Lollapalooza. Henderson has turned those experiences of being on the road into the lyrics that conjure up that common theme.

“I think the inspiration is just being alive,” Henderson reflected. “It’s just living and going through different experiences, that’s what shapes the songs.”

Going through those different experiences, like playing festivals Henderson and the other members didn't even dream about attending, is “surreal” for Henderson.

“It’s pretty wild, becoming friends with people I looked up to in music, becoming friends with Modest Mouse and hanging out with people like that has been really crazy,” he said. “We've played festivals that The Cure plays.”

Catch Henderson and Desert Noises while they are still in Utah at Snowbasin’s Blues, Brews & BBQ Sunday concert series on Aug. 17.

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  • WHAT: Desert Noises at Snowbasin’s Blues, Brews & BBQ Sunday concert series
  • WHEN: 12:30 p.m. Aug. 17
  • WHERE: Snowbasin Resort, 3925 Snow Basin Road, Huntsville 
  • TICKETS: Free 

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