Sundance Film Festival 2017: A beginner's guide to tickets, schedules and more

Wednesday , January 11, 2017 - 9:56 AM3 comments

ANGIE ERICKSON, Standard-Examiner Staff

The Sundance Film Festival is January 19-29, and for the first time in 15 years there will be no Sundance screenings in Ogden.

So, for all you locals who want to see the films or go searching for your favorite Hollywood star, you’ll have to travel to the venues in Salt Lake City, Park City or Sundance.

The 10-day festival hosts more than 40,000 people, and if you’re not prepared you may get left out in the cold.

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“Every year it is exciting,” said Patricia Scott, who has been attending the Sundance Film Festival for over 30 years. “You are meeting people from all over the world.”

Scott recently moved from Utah to Idaho, but that won’t stop her from missing Sundance 2017. She says Sundance is a remarkable experience that everyone should try.

So, first thing you’ll want to do is get your tickets. They go on sale this week for locals!

Locals Individual Tickets

Sales started at noon Wednesday, Jan. 11, and end at noon Thursday, Jan 12. The tickets cost $20-25 and can only be purchased online.

You must provide either a Utah driver’s license or Utah state ID at time of ticket pickup — no refunds if customer cannot prove Utah residency. A maximum of 20 tickets can be purchased per person, with a limit of 4 tickets per screening.

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Open Tickets (local or non-local)

Sale begins at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 17 and goes through Sunday, Jan. 29. The tickets cost $20-25 and can be purchased both online or at the Sundance box office locations.

Tickets must be picked up at a main the box office no later than two hours prior to screening time. If that deadline is missed, your ticket will not be valid and refunds are not offered.

Tickets to kids screenings are $10 each.

Day-of-Show Tickets

Tickets can be purchased beginning at 8 a.m. each morning of the festival at the main box offices in Park City and Salt Lake City. A limited number of these tickets are available. The cost is are $20-25.

“Normally we see three to five movies in Park City and five to eight films in Salt Lake City,” said Scott. “It is easier to get tickets for screening in Salt Lake City than in Park City.”

If you want to see a screening that is already sold out, place your name on waitlist.

Look at the schedule and decide what screenings you want to attend.


The entire schedule can be viewed at or download the Sundance Film Festival App.

The app features a real-time Festival event guide and schedule that can personalized. It also has information on shuttles, venues and tickets.

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Next on the list is transportation!

“Parking is expensive and is only allowed in certain places,” said Scott. “The traffic jams are crazy, so allow enough time to get between films.”

The Sundance Film Festival recommends using the free festival shuttle to get to any of the 15 theaters. There is no parking available at the festival theaters in Park City.

The shuttles will probably be packed with people so why not be friendly and introduce yourself to those sitting next to you.

Dress warm and arrive early

“I would recommend you arrive an hour before to make certain you get a good seat,” Scott said. “Be prepared to stand in long lines.”

There is no need to get all glamorous for the screenings, choose more of a winter chic look that will keep you warm and comfortable.

A puffy coat or parka, a faux fur vest, a sweater and don’t forget the hat and gloves. Wear comfortable shoes and maybe even winter boots to keep your feet warm and dry while going from theater to theater.

And lastly, make memories to last a lifetime.

Sundance is an extra ordinary experience and Scott wishes she would’ve kept a festival journal, documenting each year she has attended the festivities.

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“You may have an opportunity to see the films elsewhere and sometimes on TV, but you might never have the opportunity to listen to the filmmakers and the actors,” Scott said.

In addition to the screenings there are also a lot of free events including sponsor tents, demonstrations of new media and concerts.

“And yes, you will see actors and filmmakers,” she added.

So, pull out your camera and take lots and lots of pictures to document your adventures at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

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