Book of Mormon scholars to hold conference

Saturday , October 04, 2014 - 12:00 AM

Standard-Examiner staff

SALT LAKE CITY — Is the Book of Mormon historically “true”?

How can Google Earth be used to answer questions about Book of Mormon Geography?

Do the legends of the white god of ancient America point to Christ as told in the Book of Mormon?

What new methods are being used to discover the actual locations of Book of Mormon events?

These questions and more will be addressed in the 12th annual Book of Mormon Lands conference being held on Saturday, October 18, by Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum at the Salt Lake City Sheraton.

The public is invited to come and learn more about scientific studies of the Book of Mormon than they ever thought possible.

Some of the most respected Book of Mormon scholars in the world will be presenting their latest research findings, including John Lund, Mike Ash, Garth Norman, Kirk Magleby, Scott Hoyt, Neal Rappleye, and Wade Miller.

“Our mission is to provide an open forum for archaeological studies of the Book of Mormon in a mesoamerican geographical context”, said forum president Doug Christensen.

He acknowledged that while some Latter-day Saints have in recent years advocated for a Book of Mormon geography model in the “Heartland” of North America, “we have sufficient evidence to establish a mesoamerican geography and we’re happy to share it.”

The $50 admission includes a gourmet lunch at the Sheraton Hotel for those who register online in advance at Lunch tickets will be $10 higher at the door. Those who cannot attend in person can register online for $20 to access live or delayed streaming video of the conference.

For more information call 208-736-3779 or email .

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