Northern Utahns share favorite Easter memories and traditions

Sunday , April 16, 2017 - 5:00 AM

MAKENZIE KOCH/Standard-Examiner Staff

Whether you’re focused on celebrating the resurrection of Jesus or spending time with family — or just finding as many eggs as possible — Easter Sunday often inspires some heartwarming memories and hilarious traditions. 

We asked Standard-Examiner readers to share their favorite Easter memories and traditions with us. Here’s what they said: 

Garrett Lee: Growing up, I always watched ‘The Ten Commandments’ on Easter weekend. Plus, on Easter Sunday we would hunt eggs and have a egg fight at my granny’s house.

Pam Golden: Arizona, 1978, I took some silver fox fur off the collar from an old coat and stuck a little in the back door to prove to my girls the Easter Bunny was real. "Look, part of his tail got caught in the door!" 

Mario N Jessica Enriquez: My mom was a single parent of three. She worked very hard, and we never went wanted for nothing! Every single Easter she would layout three different color Easter baskets, each of them had their own color of squeeze-its Peeps and chocolate bars. We each also received a chocolate cross and one new outfit each — a tradition I now do with my own daughter.

It's hard to pick just one year when she made every year amazing. Now every year I take my mother to J&J Nursery and buy her everything she needs for a garden. She always has the most beautiful garden on the block. I would like to thank my mom Amy Enriquez for all my beautiful memories. Love, Patrick, Mario, Sonia and all of your beautiful grandchildren!

Patti Phippen: Every year we have always colored eggs, leaving one uncooked. After dinner we each take turns cracking the eggs on our heads, and the person that ends up cracking the raw egg on their head wins a surprise (besides the surprise of egg dripping down your forehead! lol).

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Our daughter passed away in 2012, and this was her last Easter with us. She did win the prize and it’s one of my favorite memories! My son has been in Iraq as a firefighter for many years, and this was one Easter that I had both my kids here in a long time! So double special!

Katrina Thompson: Aside from coloring eggs and doing a hunt, we always got new church clothes to wear to church Easter Sunday. So that meant a new dress — a tradition I plan to carry on in my future family.

Meagan Christiansen: My family always has a "Christmeaster" party. This is where we get together in the spring, celebrate Christmas late (or early, depending on how you look at it) and have an Easter Egg hunt.

Each person gets 12 eggs of the same color and design and go hunt for those 12. Some were sitting in plain sight, and some were in a plastic bag tied 30 feet up in a tree! The one place everyone looked forward to finding an egg, however, was the one sitting under my grandpa's hat on his head.

Since he passed, my uncle has now taken over that duty. After many years of doing this, some eggs STILL haven't been found! After the egg hunt, we bring out a bunch of cheap presents and open them like it's Christmas! Best. Day. Ever.

Arlene Goodrich Harris: In 1965 we went to live with my paternal grandparents in Tridell, Utah, while my dad was on a Navy cruise. (My maternal grandmother was very sick with cancer; we were there so my mom could spend time with her. She was in LaPoint, Utah.)

My mom made my sister and me these beautiful Easter dresses. Mine was blue satin with blue lace over the top; my sister’s was yellow satin with yellow lace over the top with short sleeves.

Just before Easter I was riding my bike down the road on a hill when I lost control of the bike, and down I went, rolling over and over. I ended up with a big scrape above and below my elbow. Sure made for a pretty sight with my beautiful new Easter dress.

Tammy Aimes: Our pets love interaction with us so since the kids are grown and gone we just had some fun decorating for Easter with bunny ears. They didn't stay on long lol

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Frances Grijalva: My memory was when I was little we would get a new outfit for Easter, a pretty fluffy dress, lace socks and polished white shoes. We would have our bonnet and gloves. I felt so special, when we woke on Easter morning. We would have an Easter basket sitting by our bed.

We would get dressed and go to church to give thanks then meet up with family at the park for an Easter egg hunt and BBQ with all my cousins. My parents made it a special beginning to spring.

Amanda Ann Coffman: We always had a family party. All the cousins getting together having an Easter egg hunt, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over a fire. The Easter bunny would hide our baskets, and we would have to find them playing “hot and cold.” Still have this tradition with my kids and all their cousins.

Kim Harbath: In 1995, when money was tight for us, I had bought new 25 cent underwear in a markdown cart at K-Mart for my girls and put it away for a “rainy day.”

Easter rolled around, money was still tight and I thought, “I will just scatter underwear on the lawn with some plastic eggs and chocolate bunnies. The girls were little enough that they were thrilled that the Easter Bunny would leave underwear! It was so successful that I did it the next year and the next — with more intention.

Anyway, the event evolved, and when the girls were old enough, they thought the Easter Bunny should bring new underwear to scatter on the trees, bushes and lawn for Mom and Dad on Easter Morning. One year, underwear was hung on a fence in Harrisville with a surprise fluorescent sign facing Highway 89 stating, “Look at this!”

Needless to say, the design of the underwear has changed and gotten more “adult” through the years, and we have laughed a lot. Our Easter tradition has become an annual event and the holiday would not be the same for the Harbaths without it. Even our son-in-law, Aaron Loftus, is involved now.

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Jackie Ostler: Easter 2017 will be even more meaningful to me this year as I just returned from the Holy Land in Israel. The Resurrection of Jesus allows me to have a hope in Heaven that can't be found anyplace else or in anyone else.

The privilege of being baptized in the Jordan River was an amazing experience that changed my life forever.

Cindy Brunson: Just getting to wear new Easter dresses and hats and Easter egg hunting at my grandparents house in Morgan at Como Springs! I sewed an Easter dress myself in sewing in junior high!

Karl Dumas: There was an elderly couple in our church that raised sheep. It was so much fun to go to their farm for an Easter morning sunrise service in the barn (it's often quite cold near Lake Ontario in March/early April).

The significance of the lambs as we celebrated The Lamb stays with me still, and then stepping outside to watch as the sun came up (probably early to mid 1960's).

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