How to contact your US, state lawmakers in Weber, Davis and Box Elder counties

Legislature Session Utah-14

Want to express your feelings — positive or negative — on how Northern Utah’s...


Northern Utah Chamber Coalition utilizes its political pull

LEAD BS 011117 24th Interstate On Ramp 01

What is this year’s top priority for the Northern Utah Chamber Coalition? 


Lantern House in jeopardy as $700,000 loan comes due in April

Lantern House faces critical loan payment

The Lantern House, Ogden’s new and improved homeless campus that first opened its doors in June 2015, now faces a critical April deadline when its $700,000 construction loan with Wells Fargo comes due.


Analysis: As China ups heat on NKorea, US faces questions

US North Korea

WASHINGTON (AP) — China’s surprising suspension of North Korean coal imports puts pressure not only on Pyongyang, but also on President Donald Trump. The question for him: Should the U.S. respond with new North Korea negotiations? Years of failed efforts to stem North Korea’s nuclear and missile...


Adding friendly bacteria to skin lotion wards off bad germs

Skin Bactreria

WASHINGTON (AP) — Bacteria live on everyone’s skin, and new research shows some friendly germs produce natural antibiotics that ward off their disease-causing cousins. Now scientists are mixing the good bugs into lotions in hopes of spreading protection. In one early test, those customized creams...


What happens if Trump pulls transgender bathroom guidance?

Transgender Bathrooms News Guide

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration plans to lift an Obama-era directive that told public schools to let transgender students use bathrooms and locker rooms that match their chosen gender identity. That Obama guidance will be rescinded, though anti-bullying safeguards will not be affected by...


Emails: EPA's Pruitt cozy with fossil fuel industry

EPA Pruitt Emails

WASHINGTON (AP) — While serving as Oklahoma’s attorney general, new Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt was in frequent contact with fossil fuel companies and special interest groups working to undermine federal efforts to curb planet-warming carbon emissions. This was shown by...


AP source: Trump administration set to lift federal transgender bathroom

WASHINGTON (AP) — AP source: Trump administration set to lift federal transgender bathroom guidelines.


GOP Fix To Insurance Markets Could Spike Premiums For Older Customers

Dale Marsh has not been enamored with his health insurance since the Affordable Care Act took effect. Premiums for Marsh, 53, and his wife, Tammy, rose, their deductibles grew, and they gave up access to their regular doctors to keep costs down. This year, facing monthly premiums of $1,131 — a 47...


A New Diagnosis: ‘Post-Election Stress Disorder’

Wally Pfingsten has always been a news junkie. But since President Donald Trump was elected, he’s been so anxious about the political tumult that even just having the TV news on in the background at home is unbearable. “It’s been crippling,” said the 35-year-old San Mateo, Calif., resident and...


Some Immigrants, Fearful Of Political Climate, Shy Away From Medi-Cal

Some foreign-born Californians are canceling their Medi-Cal coverage or declining to enroll in the first place, citing fears of a Trump administration crackdown on immigrants. Among those dropping coverage are people in the country legally but concerned about jeopardizing family members who lack...

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