North Ogden inching closer to dog park

Saturday , July 12, 2014 - 9:33 AM

Standard-Examiner correspondent

NORTH OGDEN – Dog lovers are getting closer to a dog park in North Ogden, but it will take some work by residents to make it happen. The city council just approved a dog park committee to set the wheels in motion.

A couple of weeks ago the council agreed that the detention basin across the street form the Montessori School off 2550 North and about 2225 West would be the best spot, but it did not approve any money for the park at this time. The site also can be reached by way of 2700 North.

Resident Carol Campbell will chair the committee. She approached the city about the issue.

Campbell said the park could be paid for by user fees in the way of an increase in dog-licensing fees. The option of trying to obtain a RAMP grant has also been discussed plus fundraising. The fundraising would add extras to the park such as trees, agility equipment, water features or other features seen at dog parks. They have talked about having residents sponsor trees to raise the funds.

“I think it is very doable,” Campbell said. She has been impressed with how quickly Mayor Brent Taylor has moved forward with the park idea and worked with her and other residents to put things in motion. She is also happy that the council is open to many ideas.

Campbell said the proposal made by City Manager Ron Chandler includes parking, installation of culinary water and some landscaping of the canal that runs through the park. The landscaping idea is a good one because it would provide a built-in water feature for the dogs, Campbell said. Because it has been used as part of a detention basin, the hill to get to the park would be too steep for most dogs, so it would need to be fixed, but she doesn’t think it will be difficult to manage that.

On Tuesday, Campbell told the council she had much positive feedback from residents during the Cherry Days parade. Instead of going up and down the parade route passing out fliers about the dog park and the committee, Campbell called out to passers-by asking if they were interested and many were. “We passed out 250 fliers. So there is some real interest out there,” she said.

Campbell thinks the whole thing can put together for under $5,000, but not be an extra expense to taxpayers, just an expense to dog owners who will be using the park.

Taylor is hoping the committee will have a proposal ready for the council to approve by the second council meeting in August.

“Every city as nice as this one should have a park for dogs,” Campbell said.

For more information or to join the committee, residents can visit the North Ogden Dog Park facebook page.

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