Developer drops suit against Farmington

Saturday , August 02, 2014 - 9:25 AM

Standard-Examiner correspondent

FARMINGTON – A developer has dropped his lawsuit against the city.

Rich Haws, owner of The Haws Companies, told the Standard-Examiner on Friday he had withdrawn his lawsuit against Farmington, alleging city officials had blocked his company’s effort to build a commercial and residential development, across the highway from the $250 million Station Park shopping center.

THC filed a lawsuit in 2nd District Court in 2013 alleging city officials had placed unreasonable restrictions on the 72-acre development. The suit also alleged the city relocated an intersection north of Station Park, to benefit CenterCal, the company developing Station Park, and the city had installed water lines on THC land without permission. It also referenced a dispute with the city over the height of a sign for the THC development, alleging CenterCal had been treated with a different standard than Haws’ company was receiving.

THC is developing Park Lane Commons, located north of Station Park. Haws and city officials openly disputed over some components in the development agreement for a number of months in 2013.

Along with signage, there was discord on how much flexibility the city’s form-based code for the region allows the developer in the width of sidewalks and landscaping, as well as an extension agreement for potential sidewalk improvements along Station Parkway.

Ironically, Haws was among the visitors to attend an open house for Pluralsight at Station Park on Friday. He noted how much the site had changed in the 20 years, since he first identified the former dairy farm as a potentially vital development area for the city.

Haws said there is no animosity between he and city officials because of the lawsuit and he hopes to have other development plans in the area in the future.

City Manager Dave Millheim said the city did not settle the lawsuit out of court, it was simply dropped. He said the city made no concessions to get Haws to back away from the legal action.

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