Trump tariffs set off industry scramble for exemptions

Congress Commerce

WASHINGTON (AP) — When Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross held up a can of Campbell’s soup in a CNBC interview to make the case that the Trump administration’s steel and aluminum tariffs were “no big deal,” the canning industry begged to disagree — and they were hardly alone. President Donald Trump’s...


US Supreme Court grants a stay of execution to a Missouri inmate who argued the process

WASHINGTON (AP) — US Supreme Court grants a stay of execution to a Missouri inmate who argued the process could cause him undue suffering.


McConnell says he has confidence in Mueller

Trump Russia Probe-1

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday expressed confidence in special counsel Robert Mueller and said he should be allowed to “finish his job,” the Senate leader’s first response to President Donald Trump’s recent outburst of criticism of Mueller and his investigation...


Ag official who backed Trump expected to get US Senate nod


JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant is preparing to fill an upcoming vacancy in the U.S. Senate, and three state Republican sources told The Associated Press that he will choose the state agriculture commissioner who helped advise Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016. Bryant,...


First lady vows to fight cyberbullying despite critics


WASHINGTON (AP) — Melania Trump pushed back against critics Tuesday, declaring her commitment to combating cyberbullying despite the hits she has endured for taking on the issue while her husband routinely goes on Twitter to berate foes and call them names. “I am well aware that people are...


Senators push for better security for 2018 election season

Trump Russia Probe Congress-2

WASHINGTON (AP) — Government efforts to protect state and local elections from Russian cyberattacks in 2016 didn’t go far enough, leaders of the Senate intelligence committee said Tuesday as the panel released recommendations to safeguard against foreign meddling in the 2018 primary season that’s...


Trump congratulates Putin, gets backtalk from Republicans

Russia Presidential Election

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump called Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday to congratulate him on his re-election, drawing bruising criticism from members of his own party, including a leading senator who scorned the election as a “sham.” Trump also said he and Putin might meet “in...


Research Misconduct Allegations Shadow Likely CDC Appointee

President Donald Trump’s likely pick to lead the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is facing significant criticism because of a 20-year-old controversy over shoddy HIV research. The Army in 1994 acknowledged accuracy issues with HIV vaccine research led by Dr. Robert Redfield, who is...


Student loan servicing group sues D.C. over licensing and disclosure law

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. WASHINGTON - The Student Loan Servicing Alliance, a trade group representing companies who collect education debt payments, sued the District of Columbia on Tuesday over its requirement that servicers disclose information about their activities and obtain a license to...


Border wall, tunnel tussle hold up sweeping spending bill

Budget Battle

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump will reap a huge budget increase for the military while Democrats cement wins on infrastructure and other domestic programs that they failed to get under President Barack Obama if lawmakers can agree on a $1.3 trillion government-wide spending bill before a...

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