North Ogden looking for input on its skate park redesign

Thursday , March 16, 2017 - 5:15 AM

MITCH SHAW, Standard-Examiner Staff

NORTH OGDEN — Right now, North Ogden’s skate park sits in pieces, tucked away in a corner of one of the city’s parks.

But the equipment will be resurrected soon and if you’re a skater, rollerblader or ever a biker, the city wants you to help put it back together.

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North Ogden is holding a skate park design workshop from 6 to 8 p.m. March 28 at the North View Senior Center, 395 E. 2600 North.

For years, the park sat directly behind the Weber County Library North Branch off of 475 East, but the city was forced to move it to make room for a 30-stall parking lot that will serve the long-planned $5 million library expansion, which is expected to begin this spring.

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Earlier this month, the city removed the large concrete and metal park components from the library to a corner of North Ogden Park, 2750 N. 500 East, 

Mayor Brent Taylor said the city will use the pieces of the old park, but will likely change the configuration and add new elements.

“None of us at the city or the city council are skaters,” Taylor said. “So we want to hear from the people who will actually use it.”

In January, the council voted to relocate the skate park to North Ogden Park, to a spot occupied by the city’s sand volleyball courts.

The city worked on the relocation plan for months, establishing a committee of skaters and non-skaters who identified potential sites. The committee looked at northeast corner of North Ogden Park, the southwest corner of the park between the tennis and basketball courts, the north end of the Wadman Park, and the Community Garden area near the city offices.

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Weber County gave the city $213,000 to put toward the relocation and Taylor said the city intends to stay inside of that number when they build the new park. 

Council member Phillip Swanson said the new park was moved and will be built by contractor Spohn Ranch, a skate park design company. Swanson said $19,000 was dedicated to the move and $194,000 will go to the park reconstruction. 

Swanson said Spohn Ranch and some skaters felt the old configuration wasn’t totally optimal.

“The components will be reused, but they felt the way it was set up before wasn’t exactly ideal,” he said. “So we’ll reorient the park and add a few new components.” 

Other than the city’s dog park, Swanson said there isn’t a city park that sees more consistent use than the skate park.

The city hopes to have the new park open for use by July 4.

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