South Ogden City Council to discuss sexually oriented business zone

Monday , May 15, 2017 - 6:12 PM

CATHY MCKITRICK, Standard-Examiner Staff

SOUTH OGDEN — The question of where to allow adult bookstores, theaters and other types of sexually oriented businesses is a tough one to answer, but members of the South Ogden City Council will attempt to do just that during their 6 p.m. meeting this Tuesday, May 16, at City Hall, 3950 S. Adams Ave.

“Cities have to provide some location for sexually oriented businesses within our zoning. So the question really is: Which zone and what locations make the most sense?” South Ogden City Manager Matt Dixon said.  “And that’s the policy discussion the City Council is having — where within our city does it make the most sense should that type of business be interested in South Ogden?”

Many cities prefer to locate adult-oriented businesses in manufacturing zones, but South Ogden has no manufacturing zone. So city officials have zeroed in on a four-block area surrounding Riverdale Road from 36th Street south to about 40th Street. The In-N-Out Burger at 4030 Riverdale Road marks where Riverdale city begins and South Ogden city ends.

Much of Tuesday’s discussion is expected to center on the distance such businesses should be from existing churches, schools, parks and libraries; three options — 1,000, 750 or 500  feet — will be considered. The ordinance could also require at least 600 feet between sexually oriented businesses, and that they be located at least 350 feet from any gateway corridors. 

Maps indicate that the 1,000-foot option would trim the allowed four-block zone by at least 50 percent of the area, due to an existing church and child-care business.

“You have to provide some location for these types of businesses, but you also need to be careful not to be too restrictive,” Dixon said of the challenge City Council members face. 

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