KEN MIDKIFF: Our elected officials must stand up for the welfare of the public

Tuesday , February 13, 2018 - 3:56 PM

Ken Midkiff

The U.S. Constitution clearly designates three equal bodies of government: executive (presidents and agencies), legislative (House and Senate) and judicial (federal courts).

Even though the oath of office taken by elected officials in the legislative branch includes supporting the consititution, Republicans seem to be more inclined to grovel to the president than acting on behalf of the American people. Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, put it most succinctly: “This is the best President I have served under.”

That is so wrong. The legislative branch, of which Sen. Hatch is a member, doesn’t serve under any president. The legislative branch is equal to the president, and when the House and Senate think the policies of the president are wrong for the welfare of the public, they are bound by the U.S. Constitution to act accordingly and call him or her out.

But, our elected Republican representatives in the House and Senate — Vicky Hartzler in the House and Roy Blunt in the Senate — are always supportive of the president, no matter how loony his tweets are and no matter how deranged or inconsistent he is. Rather than acting on behalf of the American people, they act on behalf of the president.

When he calls the Democratic members of the House and Senate un-American and treasonous because they did not stand and applaud him, Hartzler and Blunt raise not one word to correct him. It is not “un-American” to not applaud the president; and “treason” can only be done when we are in a declared war and a person gives aid, comfort, and support to the enemy. Since the U.S. is not in any declared war, it is literally impossible to commit treason. However, one would not know this if Hartzler and Blunt were the only source of information. If they indeed support the president, they would more likely be a source of MISinformation.

Without going into all the false claims that the president has made (that would likely take up all the space in this newspaper), all that needs to be considered are his statements in the last few days. He has stated that he would “love to see the government shut down” because Democrats have so far refused to throw money at him for an unneeded border wall. This comes only a week after he stated in the State of the Union address that he hoped that the Democrats and Republicans could work together.

Are Hartzler and Blunt in favor of a government shutdown? If they are not, why is it they have not said so?

At this time, both are either acting in support of a deranged, delusional and possibly dangerous president, or they are supporting him through their silence. Both are seemingly in violation of the oath they have taken, and both should be ashamed.

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