Six U.S. Senators Confronting Trump’s HHS Cabinet Pick Own Health Care Stocks,

President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to run Health and Human Services is taking heat for his controversial stock holdings in companies affected by laws he’s worked on and voted for. But federal records show several senators who will take part in his confirmation hearings have substantial health-...


Commerce pick say NAFTA will be early target for team Trump

Trump Commerce Secretary-1

WASHINGTON (AP) — Breaking with Republican orthodoxy, a new Trump administration will work quickly to re-do the North American Free Trade Agreement, a massive trade pact with Canada and Mexico that has boosted trade but still stings laid off workers across the Midwest, President-elect Donald...


Flabby heart keeps pumping with squeeze from robotic sleeve

Heart Sleeve

WASHINGTON (AP) — Scientists are developing a robotic sleeve that can encase a flabby diseased heart and gently squeeze to keep it pumping. So far it’s been tested only in animals, improving blood flow in pigs. But this “soft robotic” device mimics the natural movements of a beating heart, a...


For third-straight time, Earth sets hottest year record

Hottest Year

WASHINGTON (AP) — Earth sizzled to a third-straight record hot year in 2016, government scientists said Wednesday. They mostly blame man-made global warming with help from a natural El Nino, which has since disappeared. Measuring global temperatures in slightly different ways, NASA and the National...


Obama calls threat of voter fraud 'fake news,' says US is only democracy that

WASHINGTON (AP) — Obama calls threat of voter fraud ‘fake news,‘ says US is only democracy that makes it harder and not easier to vote.


Obama says he worries 'moment may be passing' for a two-state solution to

WASHINGTON (AP) — Obama says he worries ‘moment may be passing’ for a two-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Day after giving clemency to Chelsea Manning, Obama says she served 'tough

WASHINGTON (AP) — Day after giving clemency to Chelsea Manning, Obama says she served ‘tough prison sentence,‘ and justice was ‘served‘


Senate panel approves President-elect Donald Trump's choice of retired Gen.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate panel approves President-elect Donald Trump’s choice of retired Gen. James Mattis to run the Pentagon.


More clemency coming after Obama shortens Manning's sentence

Chelsea Manning Obama

WASHINGTON (AP) — Embracing his clemency powers like never before, President Barack Obama is planning more commutations in his final days in office after a dramatic move to cut short convicted leaker Chelsea Manning’s sentence. Obama became the president to have granted more commutations than any...


Finally, an explanation of strange African 'fairy circles'?

Fairy Circles

WASHINGTON (AP) — The forces behind the mysterious “fairy circles” that dot a desert in southern Africa do not appear to be supernatural, but they are intricate and complex. The formations are circles of land dozens of feet wide that create a stunning pattern in the Namib desert and have mystified...

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