Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Checkout lines, market equilibrium and laws

Phishing for Phools

“Markets are our hammer,” writes E. Kent Winward. “It is up to us to decide if we are going to use them to build something beautiful or bash in our own skulls.”

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Is it OK to raise property taxes if it means sheriff's officers get a raise?

2nd Street search warrant

County commissioners might raise property taxes to pay for raises in the Weber County Sheriff’s Office. “Better do something,” one reader says.

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In Utah, a desolate reminder of what happens when fear and prejudice prevail

Topaz Internment Camp

Dennis Kunimura is the son of a Japanese-American interned by the U.S. during World War II. When he visited the remnants of a Utah internment camp, Kunimura wondered if we’d learned anything about fear and prejudice.

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Politics and Supreme Court justices don't mix

Campaign 2016 Ginsburg Trump

“Balancing power is difficult,” writes E. Kent Winward. “When justices get it wrong, like O’Connor and Ginsburg, we need to acknowledge it and adjust.”

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Ogden, Sundance and a 'shift in programming' — a reader conversation

2014 Perry's Egyptian Theater Sundance

Ogden was part of the Sundance Film Festival for nearly 20 years. But that changed Tuesday.

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What it means to say "Black Lives Matter"

Black Lives Matter

“When people say ‘Black Lives Matter,’ they aren’t saying other lives matter less,” writes Michael Grennell. “They’re saying that black lives matter also.”

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Scared, angry and black — life after Philando Castile and Alton Sterling

APTOPIX Police Shooting Louisiana-16

The United States has a problem with racism, writes Jasmine Pittman. We need to address it now, before another innocent person dies.

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What would America's Founders think of 2016 presidential politics?

Trump Clinton

“Judicious and courageous leadership matters,” writes Carol McNamara. “The parties should look for leadership that elevates rather than divides.”

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The law controls violence and the use of force

APTOPIX Police Shootings Protests Dallas-9

The law doesn’t stop a bullet, except when it does. The law doesn’t decide elections, except when it does. The law doesn’t do a lot of the things we give it credit for, but the law does a lot of things we don’t give it credit for. Yes, that last sentence is confusing, but...

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Make America great again? How about a more perfect union, instead?

GOP 2016 Trump cap

“America has never been great for everyone,” writes Adrienne Andrews, “so why don’t we focus on being good, honest, caring people who seek first to understand and then be understood? Let’s try be people who can be different from one another and still respect each other....

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