Sorry, GOP, Obama won’t take the bait

Thursday , July 17, 2014 - 12:00 AM

Larry Bennington

The current problem at the border with the influx of people from Central America is the perfect storm for the GOP to criticize the president. Here’s what they are saying:

1. The president caused the problem with DACA in 2012 (deferred action for childhood arrivals).

2. The president is not securing the border.

3. The president won’t visit the border.

4. The president now wants billions to fix his problem.

5. The president is lawless.

6. The president can’t be trusted to execute the laws so why should we pass immigration reform?

It’s all the president’s fault? Well, here’s how I see it.

1. The problem began in 2009, three years before DACA, which only applies to kids who came to the U.S. prior to 2007. The federal government is actually following a law that was passed unanimously by Congress and signed by President Bush in 2008 by stopping these people and putting them into the Customs and Immigration system. Also, the dangerous situation in Central America is pushing moms with kids to come to the U.S. The GOP would like the plaque on the Statue of Liberty, which says in part, “Give us your tired, your poor, longing to be free” to be ripped down and thrown into the Rio Grande river. They would replace it with “Only white, rich, entrepreneurs, programmers, athletes and entertainers need apply (Not you, Bieber)”.

2. The president has increased the budget for the Department of Customs and Border Security almost two fold since taking office. There are more border patrol agents now than at any time in U.S. history! He has deported more Mexican immigrants than any president in 20 years (2 million). If the border isn’t now secure, then just how the heck did we pick these kids up, anyway? For weeks, I’ve been saying that the Border Patrol can’t just cross the Rio Grande River into Mexico and prevent people from crossing; they can only intercept them when they do. I have only heard one person on TV allude to that truth when he said, “What do the GOP critics want Obama to do, stand on the Rio Grande river bank and shoot warning shots over the heads of women and children treading water?” The truth about the Texas border is that the whole border is a navigable river! Nothing could be easier to patrol! In reality, Texas businesses want Mexicans to come across to work there for practically nothing since business owners don’t have to pay payroll taxes for them. People come across every day to work and then go back. That’s the truth that the GOP won’t tell you.

3. The GOP is trying to set the president up by goading him into appearing in politically damaging photos with children packed into terrible conditions or into standing next to Border Patrol officials and getting into a “You’re doing a heck of a job, Brownie” situation. It’s now obvious why Senator McCain is angry that new Homeland Security regulations won’t allow him to take his cell phone camera into Border Patrol facilities (to protect kid’s privacy). He would love to follow the president in there and get a damaging photo. Hey, how many of the GOP have been to the border?

4. The GOP is yelling that the president should fix the problem “yesterday” but when asked for the money to do just what they are asking for, they yell, “We’re not giving you any money!” It would be schizoid if it were not perfectly planned.

5. The GOP has been relentless for six months now in accusing the president of being “lawless,” “imperial,” and a “king.” Then, on a dime, they turn around and push him into breaking the law by deporting all the kids and moms who came here from Central America, without the due process accorded them by President Bush.

6. This excuse by Boehner for not allowing a vote in the House on the Senate’s immigration reform bill is laughable. The first thing the GOP will do in the event of a Republican being elected to the White House is pass immigration reform so it can be theirs and not Obama’s. Can’t wait to see what that will look like.

The president was in Dallas right now to meet with a group of faith-based Texans who want to help and also to meet with his harshest critic, Texas Governor Rick ‘Oops’ Perry. Going to Dallas is a questionable thing to do, given the recent 50th President Kennedy. It appears from the video that, for some reason, Perry was wearing a bulletproof vest. The president apparently was not. Was Perry expecting trouble? He originally said he wasn’t going to the airport to meet the president but changed his mind. (Was he expecting a Connelly incident?) Gov. Perry, on Fox, told the choir that the president conspired with the people of Central America to risk their lives on a thousand mile journey through Mexico to the U.S. border, in the election season, for some unnamed agenda. (Maybe to politically weaken himself? Right!)

As long as we’re throwing out wild conspiracy theories, here’s one that makes more sense. By the way, the national Democrats are much too inept to ever suggest what I am suggesting. It’s this.

The only party to benefit from a sudden influx of people, who can’t, by law, just be sent back like the Mexican’s can, is the GOP. So, maybe Gov. Perry let the cat out of the bag when he voiced his conspiracy. Because, maybe, it was actually theirs! A common mistake made by people who can’t keep their stories straight (oops).

Think about it. If it were possible, as Perry says, for the president to start the rumor, pay the coyotes, arrange for the trains, pay off the Mexican officials to let them through, and for the border patrol to be there to intercept them, then it was absolutely possible for the GOP to do it, since only they had the motive: Make the president and Democrats look bad in an election year!

Saw Idaho’s Tea Party congressman, Raul Labrador on TV. He said “I know it sounds harsh but we should immediately deport all the moms and children.” That doesn’t just sound harsh, it is harsh. Why doesn’t he go down to the border (1,500 miles away from his constituents in his own state) to see the children just like he says the president should do. What do we historically call a black man who betrays his people? Uncle Tom. Well, Hispanic Congressman Labrador should be called Tio Thomas’ for betraying his people with bigoted ideas.

I’ll bet that in the time it took Labrador to get his face on TV to boost his street cred’ with his white Tea Party supporters, a thousand illegals came across the Canadian/Idaho border into the U.S. But that’s OK, they’re Caucasians! Why do we treat people in Mexico and Central America differently than people from Canada, Haiti, Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Europe, China or Taiwan?

The fact is, everybody here in the U.S. claiming to be bonafide “Americans” have forefathers who came here from somewhere else, except maybe the indigenous Native Americans and even their forefathers came here 12,000 years ago from Asia. What would our country look like today if the illegals on the Mayflower had closed the border behind them?

I rest my case.

Bennington lives in Eden.

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