Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

When is an apology not an apology? When it comes from Orrin Hatch

Senate Hatch Retirement-3

“At this point, Hatch’s legacy – such as it ever was – has been severely diminished. And it doesn’t help that he issues non-apologetic ‘apologies’ after his mean and disdainful remarks,” writes Don Porter.

Guest Commentary

When we refuse to talk about race, bad things happen

MH 073016 A Conversation About Race 26-46

Everyone wants to be seen, heard and respected, writes Adrienne Andrews. That’s why Utahns need to need to speak honestly to one another about race.

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Utah could soon have a red flag law

School Shooting Utah

“Although the 2018 Legislature adjourns at midnight Thursday, there’s still time to get this bill through and provide law enforcement and the public a procedure through due process to remove guns from persons experiencing mental crises,” writes Rep. Stephen Handy.

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Enlightenment principles can help us reduce gun violence

APTOPIX School Shooting Florida

“We all want the same thing: No more innocent lives taken by people misusing guns. And it's from this united platform that our legislators could develop realistic, logical, and sane solutions,” writes E. Kent Winward.

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Readers React: 'Safe-on-red' traffic measure considered by Utah Legislature

Red traffic light

Utah drivers might get the go ahead to run red lights when no other traffic is present if the Utah State Legislature gets its way.

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The opposite of violence is kindness — to everyone

Senior woman driving a car

An employee at the DLD helped D. Louise Brown’s mother get her driver’s license back. He lifted her out of hopelessness, Brown writes.

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America's gun battle is over. The NRA has won

NRA Reaction

“School slaughters, concert-venue massacres and shopping mall bloodbaths are collateral damage – the price of doing business in these United States of America,” writes Don Porter.

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America's gold medal in curling can be traced back to Weber State

Pyeongchang Olympics Curling Men-3

Ogden has a unique place in the history of Olympic curling, writes David Ferro.

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Readers React: Northern Utah schools struggling with racism

BZ 022318 Teague Casper 01

A recent incident involving a black Layton High School student who says he was spit on and called a racial slur at a recent school dance before being suspended himself quickly caught the attention of Standard-Examiner readers.

Guest Commentary

The stock market, antidepressants and facts

Financial Markets Wall Street

When readers correct an error, it helps encourage dialogue, writes E. Kent Winward.

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