Should Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch run for an 8th term? An S-E reader conversation

Saturday , April 15, 2017 - 5:00 AM1 comment

GREG HALLING, Standard-Examiner Staff

U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch raised $1.5 million in the first quarter of 2017 for a possible re-election bid, his office announced Wednesday.

The 83-year-old Utah Republican ended March with $3.5 million in campaign money.

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Hatch, elected in 1976, won his seventh term in 2012 and promised it would be his last. But last year he said he he’d changed his mind and might run an eighth time.

“I have never taken any election for granted, and I would relish the opportunity to put my record before the voters,” Hatch said in a statement reported by The Associated Press. “While I have taken steps to run, I have yet to make a final decision. I remain focused on my work in the Senate and will make any political decisions in due course.”

Hatch said he might not run again if Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor and 2012 Republican presidential nominee, showed interest in the race. Romney now lives in Utah.

Here’s how readers reacted to the story when we shared it on our Facebook page. All quotes are verbatim:

Richard Schoenfeld: I'm a conservative libertarian Republican, and all I have to say is, "Who keeps giving this man money and the idea that he is still relevant enough to keep running for Senator?" I cannot stomach another senatorial run by Hatch. The only "skeleton" hanging in his closet his himself.

Nina Pettit Morse: The establishment.

Matt Starling: If there's ever been a time to prove that democracy is stronger than cash then this is it. Hatch has proven over and over again that he's a filthy liar who can't be trusted to work in our interest.

Sue Delaney: Wonder if he has tapped into the Mercer fund machine now that he is best buds with Trump ... Hatch needs to go. ... he should have been gone long ago...he quit working for the citizens years ago, nothing but a corporate stooge lining corporate pockets along with his own.

James Christian Henderson: I don't understand. He's disliked by seriously everyone in this state. How does he keep winning?

I guess this will be a moment of truth for Utah. Can someone else win the nomination? If not, will the current disappointment with an ineffective congress (which hatch controls) be able to overcome party lines and motivate people to vote blue with a less corrupt candidate despite political ideals?

We shall see.

Lynn Baker: None of these donations came from anything representing Utah or the American people.

Why do the Republicans hate America and its people so much.

Donna Marchette: He's driven by ego; doesn't know when to get off the stage. Term limits folks, term limits.

Lori Schroeder: Let's find a suitable candidate and end his term for him.

Donna Marchette: Yes, but not Romney.

Shannon Maw Frickel: Seriously! Please for the sake of us all people! VOTE HIM OUT!

Jay Hartwell: All from pharmaceutical & nutritional supplement companies and of course defense contractors. (The only constituents he cares about.)

Chris Brewer: Enough of him! Retire for crying out loud! We need younger blood!

James McIntyre: GO AWAY! Hypocrite senile old man. 40+ years ago you ran for term limits!

Rich Cannaday: Time to get rid of this hypocritical self serving Trump loving career politician. And Chaffetz too!

Nina Pettit Morse: I'll donate to anyone running against him.

Lori Schroeder: Let's not vote in every other direction, but find someone we can collectively endorse and bring an end this bad joke.

Nina Pettit Morse: First we have to find one person to run against him.

Nik Draven McFarland: Oh my god, you're like 400 ... are you raising your money at the Shady Pines bingo fund raiser?

Dennis Musil: He could buy a really nice wheel chair with that money. He'll be our 90 year old senator.

Marcos Martinez: Just like an old boxer who doesn't know when to quit.

Nora Bangerter: No one wants you as their Senator from Utah. Get the hint. You lied when you said you were for term limits.

JimWinnie FayeLucas Ray: I'm all in for Trump but I have serious negatives when it comes to establishment GOP and Hatch. Politicians we are me out but I dont want an Egg McMuffin (aka Evan McMullen) nor do I want anyone who voted for Hillary, Dems or our wishie washie Utah GOP .... someone conservative step up.

Jay Hartwell: I'm glad you're all in for Trump. We needed a president who has five children from three different wives to represent our strong moral Utah values.

Jeremy Harding: Strong moral Utah values. LOL!

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