One exit ramp, 2 crashes and lots of dead cattle — an S-E reader conversation

Saturday , November 25, 2017 - 4:00 AM3 comments

GREG HALLING, Standard-Examiner Staff

A cattle truck crashed Wednesday, Nov. 22, on Interstate 84 near I-15 — almost the same spot on the eastbound ramp where another cattle truck overturned in January 2016.

And like the 2016 crash, several cattle died in the accident. Both crashes spilled livestock onto the road below the overpass.

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Utah Highway Patrol troopers said in both crashes, drivers took the exit ramp at speeds faster than the advised 45 mph limit.

“The load of cattle shifted, and the semi rolled,” according to a Wednesday news release from the UHP.

No one was injured in either accident, which closed the eastbound lanes of I-84 and forced a detour for southbound Interstate 15.

The bridge has a history of accidents, which led to its nickname, “Applesauce Corner.” The Utah Department of Transportation rebuilt the ramp in 2013, creating a more gradual approach to the overpass and replacing the bridge deck.

Vic Saunders, a UDOT spokesman, said the project reduced crashes.

“We made it more difficult for trucks to tip over if they’re going the speed limit, but if they are not behaving themselves, anything can still happen,” Saunders told the Standard-Examiner after the 2016 cattle truck crash.

Here’s how readers reacted to Wednesday’s story when we shared it on our Facebook page. All quotes are verbatim:

Kensie Farnsworth: Apparently semi’s think they are indestructible. If your carrying a live load, you should be extra cautious but none of them are. I’m tired of seeing semi’s loaded with live loads being killed cause of careless drivers.

Vikki Deakin: Hear hear! I have been up that ramp plenty of times with semis in front of me clearly going much faster than 45. I try to keep my distance in case they topple.

Terry Cronkhite: Sounds like y'all have a beef with them.

Mary Worden: It's not just cattle several semi's have wrecked there.

Bud Southwick: 2 cattle trucks have crashed there. It wasn't the drivers fault, while going around the corner his air ride suspension failed and cause the wreck.

Nikki Wilson: I drive tractor trailers for a living. I've taken that turn a million times. If you go slow enough you will be fine whether you have air suspension or not. I've taken it plenty of times without air suspension. Actually most the trailers I've taken around that corner have been older without air suspension. Are you sure it failed? Or did his speed play a factor in the airbags possibly blowing out? When the AIR suspension fails doesn't it leak AIR? So his truck and trailer brakes would have never been able to release. Meaning he would have come to a stop before tipping over? Should he have caught a faulty air suspension in a PRETRIP that morning? I've dealt with so many cattle haulers and they are all the same. They have a " I'm bigger and faster" mentality cause they have to keep driving till they get those cows delivered to their destination whether it's 5-15 hours away. Brings up another point was he tired? Had he had enough sleep the night before. I'm sorry sir but this situation Really really pisses me off and he deserves to lose his cdl and go back to driving school. this man doesn't deserve to drive anything.

Paul Michelson Baker: I feel awful about the suffering cattle. They were using a front end loader to scoop up and dump live injured cattle into dump trucks. At least shoot the poor buggers in the head first.

Mark Worden: They were not scooping up live ones. It is my understanding they were putting them down along the freeway.

Michell Naisbitt: They really need to do something about that road. There are too many accidents there.

Carol Stephens: They have done something about it, the speed was drastically lowered but NO ONE obeys it. I drive it alot, slow down to nearly 50 and vehicles fly by me. 2 weeks ago a large truck barely made the turn and was in my lane in seconds. You CAN'T take that turn at 65 people.

Laurel Lori Herrick Weaver: They have flashing lights with the speed limit on it. These idiots need to be fined and should pay for ALL the damage.

Mark Worden: There are other roads with a lot more accidents than that one. Doesnt matter how you build a road when people drive the way they do. You cant fix stupid.

Ryan Budge: This Gives A Whole New Meaning To "Cow Tipping"! LOL.

David Nelson: The really need to beef up that corner.

Jeanne Pett Nielsen: So disgusting. These cattle trucks are always speeding by me on the freeway.

Cindy Brunson: It's a crazy area!

Natalie Allred: I was caught in the traffic fo almost two hours. By the time everyone started moving again, the cows were gone but there were puddles of blood all over the three lanes.

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