Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Column: Ogden welcomes Congolese refugees

Secondary BS 061416 Congo Refugees 03-2

The welcome that Ogden’s new Congolese population has received has been truly remarkable, guest columnist Jeff Steagall writes. 

Guest Commentary

Continuing our quest for a more perfect union, in a sixth-grade classroom

The Constitution

E. Kent Winward returned to his old elementary school to teach a class about the Constitution. He’s confident our future is in good hands.

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What should go into the Crossroads at North Ogden?

Old North Ogden Smiths 2.jpg

The old Smith’s shopping plaza in North Ogden is being redeveloped. Readers would like to see a Trader Joe’s. And a Whole Foods. And a Hobby Lobby. And a Joann’s. And a Target. And ...

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Rep. Rob Bishop’s Public Lands Initiative is a public lands disaster

Public Lands Plan

Rep. Rob Bishop’s PLI is a public land giveaway, writes Eric Ewert. It would be devastating to our public wildlands.

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Everyone's invited to Rock the Vote in Ogden

Rock the Vote

“Voting is the great equalizer in American democracy,” writes Carol McNamara. “Every vote counts and every eligible voter has the responsibility to educate him or herself and fill out a ballot.”

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Are we the land of the free or the land of the jailed?

49ers Chargers Football Kaepernick

“Bravery means discussing our failings and shortcomings,” writes E. Kent Winward. “Bravery means opening our eyes to oppression in whatever form it takes.”


Utah wildlife board needs to get out of the cougar management business

Cougar permits

In the Aug. 31 Standard-Examiner, Leia Larsen reported “Utah wildlife board to vote on increased cougar hunt quotas.” Sept. 1 in spite of an outpouring of opposition to a proposal many decried as scientifically unsupportable, if not outright cruel, the board decided to do just that. In...

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Community's next conversation about race won't be easy

MH 073016 A Conversation About Race 35-1

“Our next conversation about race will be one that requires us to look deep within ourselves,” writes Adrienne Andrews. “It will demand we examine where our core ideas and beliefs about race come from, how they were formed and how they are reinforced.”

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Seeking liberty and justice for all — not just some

Pippin IV Cover

“Confusion abounds about how our laws work,” writes E. Kent Winward. “Confusion leads to a flawed system.”

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Do Ogden gangs have the same "mindset" as ISIS? A police lieutenant thinks so

ogden shooting

Ogden Police Lt. Troy Burnett says local gangs possess an ISIS mindset. “Sounds pretty over the top to me,” said one reader.

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