Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Juneteenth — a reason to celebrate in Utah

Juneteenth at Weber-9

“Juneteenth is a national day of reconciliation and healing. And this year, more than any before, we in Utah have a cause to celebrate,” writes Adrienne Andrews.

Guest Commentary

In Ogden, supporting the educational success of our most valuable resource

Sandy Coroles

In response to the June 5 opinion piece regarding last year’s graduation rates, ”When just 66 percent of Ogden seniors graduate, we're failing our children,” I feel it important to add my voice to the dialogue on what we must do to support the educational success of our most...

Guest Commentary

Does it seem like the interest on your mortgage payment is killing you?


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau can help get money back for consumers abused by banks. It works, writes E. Kent Winward.

Guest Commentary

A zoo, a toddler and a dead gorilla — an S-E reader conversation

Zoos Dangerous Animal Squads

Cincinnati zookeepers killed a gorilla to protect a small boy who had fallen into its enclosure. The reaction on social media was dramatic.

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