Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

President Obama’s absurd war on coal

The Obama Administration is falling all over itself to find new and inventive ways to kill the U.S. coal industry. New rules aimed at discouraging coal mining as...

Guest Commentary

Turkey election on balance reassuring

Turkey’s electorate has voted for democracy and the rule of law over incipient dictatorship, a most positive development. In June 7 parliamentary elections,...

Guest Commentary

DOD: Reshape 'blended retirement' to better protect AVF

Military leaders and Department of Defense pay experts have presented to Congress a reshaped version of that new “blended retirement” system for future...

Guest Commentary

U.S. rightly steers steady course regarding Cuba

At the end of May, the United States formally removed Cuba from the list of states sponsoring terrorism. This will greatly facilitate interchange between the two...

Guest Commentary

White House to Senate: Scuttle 'marriage penalty' on BAH

The Obama administration applauds several steps the Senate Armed Services Committee has taken to dampen military compensation growth next year, including support...

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Survey says, support Utah's caregivers

Most people have a caregiving story to tell, whether it’s from their own experience as caregivers or that of a family member or friend. But few may realize...

Guest Commentary

Users of water must pay for water

Reference to the Standard-Examiner's May 6 front-page article entitled “Relying on faulty water data”: I applaud the efforts of State Senator Wayne...

Guest Commentary

Work for retirement security needed

Do you hope to retire one day? If you’re like most Utahns, the answer is a resounding yes. AARP surveyed 1000 Utahns age 25-64, and 89 percent hope to retire...

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Standard parroted gun control lobby

Stopping a ban on common ammunition is as critical to preserving our Second Amendment freedoms as stopping a ban on firearms. When the government attempts to...