Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Learn the history textbooks forgot

BH February WV Groundhog Day 008

Troubling parts of our nation’s history cannot be ignored, writes Adrienne Andrews. They need to be shared and understood to help create a more just future.

Guest Commentary

Diesel emissions testing: An S-E reader conversation

SW 092616 Emissions vote 03

When the Weber-Morgan Health Board voted 10-0 to approve diesel emissions testing, some critics dismissed it as a revenue grab. No, said one reader, “this has nothing to do with revenue and everything to do with cleaner air.”

Guest Commentary

Contrasting views on diesel emissions testing

BZ 082516 Diesel Testing 07-6

The debate over diesel emissions testing in Weber County wasn’t just about air quality, writes David Ferro. It was also about politics.


Wells Fargo CEO puts weird spin on 'The buck stops here' message

APTOPIX Wells Fargo Congress-2

The idea behind the famous quote is that ultimate responsibility rests with the person in charge. Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf probably missed the meaning of the message.

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