Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Support Utah agriculture — buy a basket of fresh peaches on Fruit Way

BZ Fruit Way Photos 19

If you support Utah agriculture, you need to put your money where your mouth is, writes LuAnn Adams. Buy a basket of Fruit Way peaches at a farmers market.

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Electoral College makes Utah’s vote more relevant

GOP 2016 Cleveland Trump Acceptance

“Many commentators insist that ‘dyed-in-the-wool’ red Utah is not a swing state,” writes Carol McNamara. “But could Utah play a significant role in the Electoral College tally this year?”

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Luck and success under capitalism


Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump shared something in common during this campaign, Jeff Steagall writes. They both focused on the differences between groups.

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Payday loans take advantage of the hard-working poor

Payday Loans

“While many Ponzi schemes rely on rich people's investments, the payday loan scheme relies on the poorest members of our society,” writes E. Kent Winward. “Poor people are also the least likely to complain or to have the political clout to change this legalized scam.”

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Would you accept a 36% tax hike to give Ogden cops and firefighters a raise?

Lead BZ 051216 OPD Make A Diffence Day 01-3

“Now is not a good time to raise taxes and blame it on the police,” one reader said. “For shame Ogden city council.”

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People say they want a safe, secure and resilient Weber County

Weber commissioners back poverty initiative

“We are a stronger together,” writes Weber County Commissioner James Ebert.  “We want to personally affirm that we are committed to strengthening this community through a systems approach that addresses present needs and is forward-thinking to provide a better future.”

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Data doesn't exist to support diesel emissions testing in Weber County

BZ 021016 West Ogden Slider 01

“The primary reason for not implementing diesel emissions testing in Weber County is an irrefutable absence of credible data,” writes Bill C. Self. “It simply doesn’t exist.”

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What happens when robots drive?

Self-Driving Car Death

A fatal crash involving a Tesla on autopilot doesn’t change the march toward self-driving cars, writes David Ferro. But it does add to the controversy surrounding them.

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Colorblindness doesn't help us achieve racial equality

MH 073016 A Conversation About Race 20-40

“If people ignore race, then what many people of color (myself included) hear is that if we subtract this part of you then you can be more like us,” writes Adrienne Andrews. “That is a problem.”

Guest Commentary

The good old boring law


The law is boring, writes E. Kent Winward. And that’s a good thing.

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