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Behind Bars

Behind Bars: Even if I don't use the skills, I'm thankful for college programs

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“I’ve spent the majority of my incarceration as a student, and I’m thankful for that opportunity,” columnist Brian Wood writes. “These programs are a good start, but there needs to be more like them.”

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Trump's travel ban is a version of "90 Day Fiance"

Trump Travel Ban

The Trump administration just got a master's-level class on how not to do executive orders and why messing with the Supreme Court is probably a bad idea, writes E. Kent Winward.

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Fireworks and Northern Utah air quality — a reader conversation


To some readers, the dangerous air pollution that accompanied Fourth of July fireworks is nothing to worry about. Because we’re all going to die anyway, they argue.


The Homefront: A family vacation the kids will never forget

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If you’re looking for a family vacation idea — “something the kids will never forget” — let me recommend an old, green station wagon journey complete with no air conditioning. 


Outtakes: Mike Lee and the GOP's avoidance perpetuates Trump's bullying


Utah Sen. Mike Lee and other elected figures should be defenders of honor and virtue, fearlessly recognizing that Trump may never bend to criticism; indeed, if we’ve learned anything it is that our president would surely respond with vitriol.

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We need to focus on the who, not the what

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“When we use labels or frames to describe people, it might seem like we are simply trying to provide clarity. However, what we are really doing is reinforcing narratives about who people are and what their possibilities might be,” writes Adrienne Andrews.

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Nobody could possibly lasso a cougar and carry it somewhere — right?

Mountain Lion-Neighborhood

“When we hold too tightly to a story, it limits the scope of our reality, limiting what we're able to see,” writes E. Kent Winward.

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Utah's medical marijuana ballot initiative — a reader conversation

Medical Marijuana Rice

A chance to vote on medical marijuana? Bring it on, readers say.

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Are you sure "local control" is a good thing?

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“Local control, quite simply, is about just that: control,” writes Connor Boyack.

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Modern life in rural America requires high-speed internet


When it comes to high-speed internet, we can’t afford to leave rural America behind, writes David Ferro.

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