Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Utah's bar and restaurant signs — an S-E reader conversation

Liquor Laws-Utah Signs

A new law says Utah bars and restaurants must post signs saying they’re either bars or restaurants. One reader asks, “Why do we have legislators who continue to treat us like idiots and children?”

Guest Commentary

Summer reading for our times

Hillbilly Elegy

“If you are looking for a story that accounts for the political movement behind Donald Trump’s presidential victory in middle America, read ‘Hillbilly Elegy,’” writes Carol McNamara.

Behind Bars

Behind Bars: Poor health care in Utah’s prisons makes inmates want to avoid it

Brian Wood Behind Bars new sig

The system does a very good job at making one want to avoid seeking their help, inmate Brian Wood writes. Prisoners usually only go when they feel they absolutely have to.

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In their rush to pass the AHCA, Republicans didn't wait to hear from the nerds

Trump Congress Health Care-5

“I wish our representatives would have waited until the numbers were in before they committed us to a law we don’t understand,” writes E. Kent Winward. “Yet because of their impatience, we have no idea how the AHCA will impact us.”

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Investigating Heather Ashton Miller's death — an S-E reader conversation

Heather Ashton Miller

Staff scrubbed Heather Ashton Miller’s cells in the Davis County Jail before outside investigators arrived. Here’s how readers reacted to the story.

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Architects urge Ogden to move forward with new design for Lester Park

Lester Park redesign rendering winner 2

The reVIVE Design Competition was a success. Now Ogden needs to fund Lester Park’s redesign, architects say.

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Sexual violence victims coerced into crime need help, not punishment

BW TOP 5 Take Back The Night March 02-17 Romero

“No person who has ever experienced sexual violence deserves it,” writes Turner C. Bitton.

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Spread the word — you are welcome here

WSU You Are Welcome Here

“Visitors may not feel as welcome in the United States as they once thought themselves to be,” writes Adrienne Andrews.

Behind Bars

Behind Bars: Give Utah's inmates an opportunity to reform and they'll succeed

Brian Wood Behind Bars new sig

Utah’s current recidivism rate is around 70 percent. The recidivism rate for prisoners who earn a bachelor’s degree during their incarceration is less than 15 percent.


Trout Bum: Finding fish in high water on the Green River

spencer durrant trout bum april 2017 green river

The high water is going to last for a long time this year. No amount of human intervention will stem the tide. 

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