Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

A good server deserves a generous tip. But it's about to become complicated

BN 061416 The Greenery 04-3

Don Porter admires people who own and run restaurants. He just doesn’t trust them with control of their employees’ tips.

Guest Commentary

Mucho más que un sueño (Much more than a dream)

SW 112117 Naturalization Ceremony 14

“When you look at what naturalized citizens contribute to Ogden, the state of Utah and the country, you have to wonder why anyone would try to stop a Dreamer from realizing the dream of becoming a citizen,” writes Michael Vaughan.

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Confirmation bias is an inescapable part of politics

DUI Threshold-2

Lawmakers barely consider the questions important to their constituents, writes E. Kent. Winward.

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The S-E's reporting on Utah jail deaths shows the value of local journalism

BZ 071916 Davis County Jail FIle 01

Meanwhile, the Legislature never bothered to inform Utahns about the original $800 million estimate for a new state prison, writes Don Porter.

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Readers React: Should Utah ban cellphone use while driving?

Cell phone addition

House Bill 64 would ban all cellphone use cellphone use while driving with the exception of using hands-free devices. Here’s how what you, the readers, said on the subject. 

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House, Senate leaders applaud formation of teen suicide task force

Prison Relocation-5

“The growing problem of teen suicide is a national problem and its impact has been felt in our state as well. Because we didn’t mention it in our opening remarks doesn’t mean it isn’t a priority for either one of us.’

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Readers React: Imagine Dragons singer's film seeks to end 'shaming' LGBT Mormons


Here’s what you, the readers, had to say about Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds’ documentary, “Believer,” about the effect of the Mormon church’s stance on same-sex marriage has on LGBT teens. 

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Take the governor's plea to heart and work as a community

State of Utah Herbert

“Community and cooperation will improve everyone’s lives, and indeed save many. These values encompass the beliefs of the people of Utah, from the time it was founded,” writes E. Kent Winward.

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Utah has some of the best jail standards in the United States

SW 110217 Utah Jail Standards Press Conf 04

“Many of our inmates have little regard for their own health and welfare, and many are now getting the best health care they have experienced,” writes Sheriff Terry Thompson.

Guest Commentary

Utah lawmakers are showing signs of potential

Utah Legislature Session Hughes

Sure, Utah lawmakers are going to do their share of silly things this session. But columnist Don Porter says he can forgive them if they if eliminate the sales tax on groceries and sue opioid makers.

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