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Guest Commentary

Our elected leaders now face the challenge of governing

Election Protests-Utah

“Utah has a political culture and tradition of civility, and it is time to call on that tradition in the post-2016 election era,” writes Carol McNamara.

Guest Commentary

We all want things to improve, no matter how you voted

Trump University Lawsuit-1

“The law and the government work best when the populace is informed,” writes E. Kent Winward. “Get informed. Get active. Pay attention, and not just to partisan sources.”

Guest Commentary

In Trump's America, should immigrants, Hispanics and Muslims be worried?

Ogden City Council Luis Lopez wins election 2015

Donald Trump will be our next president, and that has some people in Northern Utah worried — especially minorities. Trump’s supporters say they need to get over it.

Guest Commentary

A look at water conservation efforts in Northern Utah

Secondary BS 031115 Water Meter 02-3

“Part of our challenge on the northern Wasatch Front is managing a decades-old secondary irrigation system which doesn’t monitor individual use,” writes Tage Flint.

Guest Commentary

When the election ends, we need to begin a new conversation

BZ 031816 Trump Protests 52-4

“The end of an election is a time for new beginnings,” writes Adrienne Andrews. “This means we have to collect ourselves and find a way to communicate with each other after a long season of communication breakdown.”

Guest Commentary

What will the law become after Nov. 8? You get to decide

SECONDARY BZ 110414 Voting 02-1

“It is our duty as citizens to use our collective power wisely,” writes E. Kent Winward.

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