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Guest Commentary

Commission ideas draw bipartisan praise

There is rising confidence across the Senate and House armed services committees that 2015 will be the year Congress passes legislation to modernize military...

Guest Commentary

Medicaid expansion, air quality round out 'Big 5' issues before

In a previous column, I wrote about three legislative issues -- education funding, transportation infrastructure, and the state prison relocation -- that would be...

Guest Commentary

What happened to the handkerchief?

A necessity this time of year, the handkerchief, or equivalent, helps us deal with the drippy nose, the cough, and to wipe our weeping eyes. Most of us do not use a...

Guest Commentary

Why we need student-centered education

After asking the driver to stop and let him off the bus, Cliff Evans collapsed and died in the snow near the side of the road. It came as a surprise to...

Guest Commentary

The business case to reduce air pollution

In Utah, we value families, our children and our elderly. That means we care about their basic health. So when, in the winter of 2012-13, people in Salt Lake City...

Guest Commentary

Clean air is about time (and money)

A couple of years ago I received a call that went something like this: “Representative Handy, I’m one of your constituents. What are you and the...

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Our plan for fixing health care

Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments about whether the Obama administration used the IRS to deliver health insurance subsidies to Americans in...