Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Ogden's needle-exchange program — an S-E reader conversation

Exchange Syringe Exchange-2

Were police right to raise questions about a planned needle-exchange program in Ogden?

Real Estate

Column: A good realtor needs to follow the Golden Rule

Jen Kirchhoefer

Having a realtor who follows the Golden Rule is important for homebuyers in a time when some people aren’t as honest as they should be.


Outtakes: Utah's lawmakers should be concerned with texting while driving too

Texting and driving

Our governor and legislators are all worried about drunk drivers, but they should be just as concerned about drivers who are weaving and wandering and risking others’ lives by messing with their phones.

Guest Commentary

Student evaluations are focused on the wrong customers

BS 021616 WSU Campus 04-3

“The university needs to hear from students, but student evaluations, as currently administered, should only be considered for what they are worth,” writes Weber State University’s David Ferro.

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