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Health & Fitness

Ogden woman, 92, first in Utah to undergo cryoablation for breast cancer

BS 032217 Cryoablation 04-3

  To perform the procedure, physicians pass a hollow-tipped probe through a small incision and insert it into the breast. Liquid nitrogen lowers the temperature of the probe, forming an ice ball around the tumor. “The cancer cells are destroyed after several freeze-thaw cycles,” Dr....

Health & Fitness

5-year-old South Ogden boy with epilepsy finds happiness in life

MH 032417 Preston Natividad 01

Parents and siblings of a 5-year-old with a chronic disability say he’s smart and lovable. Life with Preston Natividad is constantly moving as he shows his rambunctious personality. But throughout the day, he comes to sudden halts as he suffers more than 100 seizures a day.

Health & Fitness

Health benefits of mineral spas like Crystal Hot Springs still unclear

SW 032117 Crystal Hot Springs 01

Health professionals, geologists discuss issues related to mineral hot springs.


Utah U.S. House delegation disappointed at GOP health care plan's demise

BS 101716 Bishop Clemens Debate 06 -4

The GOP measure, pulled from consideration, would have been “a step forward” for those seeking affordable health care, Bishop said.

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