The more photos the merrier, wedding photographers say

Wednesday , July 02, 2014 - 12:00 AM

Cellphones at weddings may not only be distracting but they can also end up appearing as not-so-glamorous additions to the official wedding photographs.

“In the pictures I’m taking, you get to see all the guests taking their pictures,” says Terra Cooper, a Syracuse wedding photographer.

All those mini-screens are just part of the landscape at today’s weddings where cellphone pictures and social media posts are as common as the cupcakes and chocolate-covered strawberries served at the reception.

Some wedding photographers have policies prohibiting other folks from shooting while they’re working, Cooper says, but she adds she has never gone to that extreme. No, she doesn’t enjoy folks shooting over her shoulder, and yes, she says she does have guests step in front of her all the time to get “their” shot.

As for all those raised cellphones being captured in her images of the wedding, Cooper says, “It is what it is. Unless they choose to have (a wedding) that’s unplugged, that’s what they’re going to get.”

Bevan Whitear, owner of Bevan’s Photography & Design in Kaysville, says when he spots guests doing something like taking a selfie at a wedding, he tries to take their picture because it shows a slice of our culture.

Someday, he says, people will look back and say, “Oh, that was in the selfie days.”

The good thing about Facebook at weddings is gives the bride and groom a way to connect and share their photographs with families, Whitear says. It used to be the only way that out-of-town Grandma and Grandpa got to see those pictures was if the couple took their album and traveled to visit them.

Whitear says he’s seen a few “bold” brides tell guests who are shooting while he is working to stop and wait until later, because they’ve hired a professional.

But he says, “I’ve always felt like the more pictures that are taken, the better.” The only photos some folks may get of the wedding are those they snap themselves, Whitear says, so “depriving them of that would be kind of taking away from the family’s wedding experience.”

Cooper, too, says she’s happy to have others taking pictures because they usually focus on the guests who are attending. After all, she says, “I can’t get to everyone doing everything all at once because there’s just one of me.”

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