Most drivers travel in excess of speed limit

Monday , June 09, 2014 - 3:58 PM



I was appalled at the statement made by a Utah Highway Patrol officer’s on the news channels prior to the Memorial Day weekend; as I am certain that most of your readers were as well.

This UHP officer actually stated that the “Speed Limit is not just a suggestion but is the limit for travel on our roadway/freeways.” How silly was this! If I did the posted speed limit, I would be killed in a matter of miles. Try it. Ninety-nine percent of the cars pass by me doing well in excess of posted speed limits. I even see many city police cars on the interstate that go well in excess of the 65 mph limit.

I was really pleased when officials changed the name of the HOV lanes to “express” lane. After all, doesn’t express mean “really fast travel” rather than the complicated HOV? High occupancy vehicle?

I know the UHP officer has to be incorrect in his statement. Only idiots do the “speed limit” and they are a real nuisance. They keep me from getting home or wherever, sooner than I would like. Not that I’m on a tight schedule. After all, I’m retired.

Paul Oberley

South Ogden

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