Save us from global warming idiots

Monday , June 09, 2014 - 3:06 PM



“Global warming” and the proposed EPA standards have been in the news lately. There is much fear, with reason, that the new EPA standards for coal-burning power plants will result in a spike in the cost of electricity for everyone. Doesn’t anyone remember that in 2008, our illustrious President Obama announced that under the “cap and trade” rules he was proposing, “energy prices “will skyrocket?”

It should have been blatantly evident to all who heard that what this lunatic was planning couldn’t possibly be good. Neither Barak nor the global warming fanatics seem the least bit concerned about the adverse effect skyrocketing utility prices will have on people and on the economy.

Bernie Madoff’s investment scam pales in comparison to the one the global warming alarmists, like Al Gore, have foisted off on the world. Al Gore has made millions off the global warming scam and so will the investors who will buy and sell “carbon credits.”

Oh please, God, save us from these idiots!

Tom Vagenas, Jr.


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