Taking a 'pound of flesh' from 15-year-old helps no one

Monday , June 09, 2014 - 4:47 PM



Regarding the June 5 news story, “Attorneys argue Vidinhar hearing closure,” media attorney, David Reymann states, “Obviously Mr. Vidinhar doesn’t want the proceedings to be public, but he is charged with a double murder...but the defendant, he doesn’t dictate the proceedings of the law.”

Mr. Vidinhar is “Aza,” a troubled 15-year-old boy. Mr. Reymann’s taking a pound of flesh from this 15-year-old boy is not going to help anyone. All it will do is cause more hurt and grief to Aza and his family.

I’m concerned about the media’s bias. It only wants to cover stories that harm and hurt all of us. The media has a great opportunity to give news to help us learn and understand so we can make our lives better.

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I would hope the Standard-Examiner would take a poll of its readers in order to see how they feel.

Fred Miller

(Grandfather of Aza Vidinhar)


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