Teachers don't get 'paid leave'

Monday , June 09, 2014 - 1:57 PM

Teachers don't get 'paid leave'


One of the three finalists in the “You Caption Cal” section under the picture of school being let out for summer said, “Finally…another three months of paid leave!” I find it amazing that it still has to be explained that teachers do not get any paid leave other than sick leave and a couple of personal days. We do not get paid for holidays or winter break or spring break or summer break. We are paid for 182 days of work. Period.

Most of us just choose to have it spread out over the whole year when given the choice because unless one is extremely disciplined regarding budgeting, it’s much easier to get paid that way. (Think budget billing with your utility bills.) I know it’s supposed to be a cartoon, and some would tell me to lighten up. But I just couldn’t let this go. Now I think I’ll go enjoy my unpaid summer vacation.

Sue Tice


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