Rowley helps eliminate double taxation

Thursday , June 12, 2014 - 3:27 PM



As a former county commissioner, I’m concerned about comments in the June 4 article regarding the recorder/surveyor race (“Video intensifies campaign”). “Karla Little, a recorder’s employee for 27 years, said the problem parcels shown in the Rowley’s video surfaced last year, and colleagues on her side of the office resolved the issue before the property owner had even received a tax notice.”

The commission is over taxes and budgets, once parcels are created and on the tax system the way to “resolve the issues” is for the commission to take action in a public meeting, retiring the serial numbers and eliminating taxes accrued. No other county employee or department head has authority to eliminate accrued taxes.

I understand why Leann Kilts’ supporters wouldn’t want to bring the issue to a public meeting in an election year because it highlights the need for qualifications held by Mr. Rowley. At the May 27 meeting, Mr. Rowley correctly presented to the commission another parcel that needed to be retired and double taxes eliminated. We need someone who will do right, even if it is not politically expedient. It’s obvious that Mr. Rowley understands the chain of command and his responsibility and has the technical training to avoid many mistakes, which create double parcels and double taxes.

Mr. Rowley has the needed skills and understands laws and procedures that pertain to his responsibilities. He supported that the recorder and surveyor offices remaining combined, saving the taxpayers substantial money, unlike Leann Kilts.

Bruce Anderson

West Haven

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