Hooper likely awaits higher electricity bills

Thursday , July 03, 2014 - 3:17 PM



Recently, Mayor Korry Green mailed a newsletter talking about the electric bill to run the sewer monstrosity’s pumps, yet no mention of the upcoming election of June 24, that would have been too informative, and more people may have voted. The newsletter should have told people to vote.

The sewer monstrosity comes first. The complaint is that sump-pump water is being pumped into the sewer, causing more power to be used, over-loading the pumps and causing a higher electric bill. All this talk is preparing us for a big fat increase in our monthly sewer bill.

Most of the surrounding areas pay $50 or less for sewer, garbage and water. We have been gouged by these last two administrations and have been harnessed forever by these greedy administrators. We’ll be saddled with this forever and we’ll pay and pay and pay!

We know that had we been given a vote, this sewer monstrosity would never have happened. Years ago the county sent our questionnaires asking if we would like to have a sewer in Hooper and the answer was a definite “No.” Dollar signs were all over when the state of Utah chose to use Hooper as a goat leading us to slaughter. Our elected officials were like kids being offered all-day suckers, except we the people were the suckers. We had no vote, but a group of uneducated city council members allowed the almighty dollar to make the decision.

This mayor is not in one of the nine families being choked to death; so plan on the sewer bill to reach the sky.

The previous mayor left town to get out of the mess. We were sold a bill of goods when told the groundwater was contaminated and sewer was the only way to go; that was not true. Many people had surface wells they used for drinking. The Utah water quality man tested the groundwater and said it was drinking-water quality.

Nine families are paying through the nose. The city council and that mayor surely sold their souls.

Yet, many homes have been denied the sewer, even though it goes right past their houses. Why?

Bette Wilson


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