Socialist UTOPIA needs to go dark

Thursday , August 07, 2014 - 2:33 PM



It is not surprising that the Brigham City Council picked a former city council member and a supporter of UTOPIA to complete council member Brian Rex’s term. They want to keep pushing the UTOPIA socialist agenda forward.

I respectfully disagree with newly appointed Alden Farr on his recent comments in the paper that stated, “We’ve had some visionary leaders in the past and 10 years ago we were probably ahead of the game” (Aug. 1, “New Brigham councilman a UTOPIA veteran”). Sorry sir, but socialism is not a new idea. It is an evil idea that takes away freedom of choice.

As for presenting this issue for the people to vote on, the people already spoke on this issue by 7,000 households choosing not to sign up for UTOPIA. The 1,600 who did were deceitfully lied to, which resulted in 300 leaving UTOPIA. The 1,300 remaining are not all happy with the service and feel bad that others are being forced to pay for Internet that they do not have or want. It was irresponsible to bring this UTOPIA socialist program to our community and it needs to go dark and be gone.

Essential government services like police, fire, jail and courts are the only services that should be brought before the people to vote on. All other service issues are a usurpation of power and should be left to the free market system. Socialism and freedom cannot co-exist, you are choosing one or the other. You reveal which side you are for by the choices and decisions you make.

Please stop pushing the socialist agenda forward and let the principle of free markets and freedom of choice prevail.

DeAnna Hardy

Brigham City

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