Congress should keep abusers from getting guns

Friday , August 08, 2014 - 2:35 PM



I’m writing to express my support for Congress and our U.S. Senators to take action and protect women from gun violence and domestic violence.

Women are at an unacceptable risk of gun violence in abusive situations. According to FBI statistics, more than half of people murdered by their intimate partners were killed with a gun.

Current law doesn’t go far enough to protect women. As the law stands, women who are in an abusive dating relationship, as well as victims of stalking, can’t have law enforcement prevent their abusers from having guns.

The Senate just had its first hearing on the links between gun violence and domestic violence, but much more needs to be done. Congress needs to take action immediately to change the law to protect women from gun violence.

Matt Shirley

Salt Lake City

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