Former Dee's customer misses staff veggie omelet

Friday , August 08, 2014 - 3:54 PM



We were very saddened to see the abrupt closing of Dee’s Restaurant on Washington Boulevard (July 9 news article, “After 36 years, Dee’s Restaurant closes for good”). It was always busy, had great food and a wonderful staff. Often we would see a waitress sitting with a single elderly person just having a friendly chat.

Dee’s was routine for many people, as it was for us every Sunday morning since we moved to Ogden ten years ago. It was sad to read that the owner wouldn’t give anyone advance notice for fear of losing staff before he actually closed. Really! Even a week would have given many a chance to tell of our appreciation and wish everyone luck in their new adventure. And, what about the employees——there was very little turnover there——that’s loyalty. I sympathize they were not given closure too.

So here is a thank you to Dee’s management (local), wait staff, cooks, cleaners, and to all who made Dee’s the restaurant what it was. We have yet to find a Sunday morning restaurant to meet the standards Dee’s set for us. No one makes my omelet the way I was spoiled at Dee’s. You probably wouldn’t recognize my name but you will know me by my veggie omelet, no mushrooms add olives, rye toast and fruit to go order! Good Luck to all, we miss you.

Susan Mathis


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