Israel protects its own interests

Friday , August 08, 2014 - 2:03 PM



The writer of the Aug. 8 letter, “‘Commie’ teachers in college tell lies,” needs to do a bit more study before he makes his pronouncements. There’s a lot of information available, and just watching “Democracy Now” or pulling it up on the Internet will help him to have a better picture of what is happening in Israel and the occupation of Gaza. For one thing, the rockets heading toward Israel are not sent from schools or hospitals. There is the suspicion that the rockets are hidden in schools or hospitals.

No American government has ever hated Israel, and they have been given every assistance both in armament and huge amounts of money. It is a fact though that Israel has never signed a treaty with the United States. Therefore, their friendship can be depended on only as long as they feel friendly.

The survivors of the Liberty are still angry at what happened to their ship. There is no indication that Israel is protecting the United States of America or Provo. Israel is a sovereign nation, and her efforts are directed towards her own protection which is very wise. We can only hope that our own government would take the welfare of our population as seriously.

Prudence L. Kuhn


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