U.S. is now the kingdom of 'Dupe-dum'

Friday , August 08, 2014 - 1:48 PM



In the kingdom of Dupe-dom, there are many subjects. And in this kingdom there are two major groups. The Republicadupes and the Democratidupes. The people who belong to these groups are dupes of the first order. And why do they remain as dupes of the first order? Lets list a few reasons:

1) Tradition - following the lead of their parents and their parents, before them.

2) Trust - they trust their political leaders to lead them aright, no matter what their leaders do, even if its wrong.

3) Ignorance - they never study the issues thoroughly or how their leaders vote, and whether its Constitutional or not, or is against the rule of law, or against the dupes morals.

4) Friends - They don’t want to cross their friends who are fellow dupes.

5) It’s hard - it takes time and effort to study the issues and make a decision or conclusion. I’ll just listen to my husband or wife. And it’s so easy to cast a party vote! Besides that, it hurts my head to think about these issues too much.

6) Two things - the two things I don’t talk about are politics and religion!

7) Pride - I’m not always right, but I’m never wrong! Change my mind? It’s out of the question!

8) Media - When you only hear one side of the story, it’s very convincing.

So things in Dupe-dom stay pretty much the same, no changes are made, but in a not too distant day, we will wake up to find that we no longer have a Constitutional Republic or a democracy! It has been voted out of existence by the dupes of Dupe-dom!

William Horton


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