President not concerned about Yazidis left on Mt. Sinjar?

Friday , August 15, 2014 - 4:45 PM



The DoD statement by Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby: “As part of the ongoing humanitarian efforts ordered by President Obama, today a team of U.S. military personnel, accompanied by USAID, conducted an assessment of the situation on Mt. Sinjar and the impact of U.S. military actions to date. The team, which consisted of less than twenty personnel, did not engage in combat operations and all personnel have returned safely to Irbil by military air. The team has assessed that there are far fewer Yazidis on Mt. Sinjar than previously feared . . . “

Fact: It’s a 350-mile round-trip from Irbil to Sinjar, a helo that’s over three hours! Given they did the whole thing in 12 hours of daylight, that left less than nine hours available to search a mountain range of some 200 miles. Oh, yeah, how did that helo remain airborne for that amount of time without fuel? Their total search time was probably less than an hour! Seems they searched until they had seen the number of survivors they wanted to see and “mailed in” the rest of it!

The admiral continued: “Based on this assessment the interagency has determined that an evacuation mission is far less likely.”

Another fact: SECDEF was on TV shortly after that statement saying, “Only a few thousand are still on the mountain . . .” What has happened to America? Where is the humanity? Where are the media? I am bitterly disappointed in a president who values a round of golf more than human life, and I’m very sad that a Navy admiral actually spoke the above quoted garbage.

Dick Schaffert


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