Rope swing at kayak park sorely missed

Friday , August 15, 2014 - 4:34 PM



Recently, I was very disappointed to find that someone cut down the rope swing tree at the Riverdale Kayak Park. The Riverdale Kayak Park rope swing was one of my favorite recreational activities that drew me to Riverdale weekly. I  know many of the regular Riverdale Kayak Park attendees will also be disappointed to find the rope swing is no longer.

Truly, the Riverdale Kayak Park was one of those rare locations that provide good old fashion fun that isn't offered by its contemporary--the Aquatic Center.

Further, I was considering purchasing a home close to the Riverdale Kayak Park to more frequently enjoy this hidden gem, but admittedly I’m less interested, now, that the park has been tarnished with the removal of one of its greatest characterizing features.

If this is an act of vandalism, I hope the culprit is caught.

Gary C. New


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