Roy's city manager's resignation perplexing

Friday , August 15, 2014 - 2:35 PM



The forced resignation of Chris Davis, the Roy city employee and most recent city manager, is perplexing (Aug. 13 news article, “Roy’s city manager resigns”). He is a man of integrity, honesty, and he was passionate about his concern for Roy.  He performed with competence.

The explanation for his leaving was shallow. There were no allegations of incompetence or misdeed. 

The best reason to assume from official elected members’ comments is that it was time for change and for the sake of change, Chris was forced to walk away from the position.

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One assertion in the newspaper announcement referred to Roy’s, and ultimately, Chris’ responsibility to cause commercial growth on the city’s main thoroughfare, 1900 West.

Roy has enjoyed commercial growth under Chris’ stewardship, but it is mostly confined to the areas of 4800 South and 5600 South in west Roy where there is ample open ground. Growth on 5600 South includes a Davis Hospital auxiliary emergency room, Tanner Clinic and modern physical therapy facilities. Weber State University sited an auxiliary classroom/campus in the vicinity.

Growth along 1900 West is hampered on the east and with the border of Interstate 15 and only small lots exist and cannot accommodate large commercial structures. It would be no easy task to lure major development on 1900 West.

Chris Davis served Roy with dedication and honor. He was courteous and accommodating in so many many ways. His long-time participation in the annual Roy Days celebration was unmatched. He sustained loyalty to the city employees and the council and mayors who he served.

Thanks, Chris, for your years of friendship and committed service to Roy. You will be missed.

Flora Ogan


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